General strike in Benghazi

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First day of general strike in the second city of Libya.

Today, Benghazi, Libya's second city, has been a ghost town because of the general strike against CNG, the Libyan General Congress.

Shops, offices, schools and public buildings were closed for the entire day.

That today is was only the first 7 days of the planned strike.

Even the plane brought international Gasoline Benghazi after being closed.

Meanwhile nella'estremo east of Libya a terrorist group close to Al Qaeda through a statement posted on Facebook said they had control of the city of Derma and want to create an Islamic Emirate.

The puppet government in Tripoli for now has not taken any position on that.

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NOTE: The people of Libya stand to save their nation from terrorists. Libya is occupied by Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia and other terrorist groups. These groups were put into Libya, funded and armed by NATO and the US to take over by force the sovereign nation of Libya. There is now no government in Libya, Libya no longer exists until its people are back in control. The only support these terrorists groups now have is from the US, Qatar and Turkey. A great shame for the US government now in Libya as the US Ambassador meets with Al Qaeda leaders and supports them.