The Great Green Resistance, Libya Moves To Sovereignty

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Libya, a country of now less than 5 and 1/2 million people, stands ready to regain the sovereignty of their country.

The great Green Resistance has the support of more than 90% of all Libyans and the Great Tribes of Libya who have been working tirelessly since the illegal invasion and theft of their country by the Khazarian Zionists cabal of Clinton/Obama/NATO/France/Qatar/Israel and the UN. They have come together to take back their country from the UN puppets, mercenaries and Libyan traitor rats. The illegal war, started and accelerated by lies, destroyed the major infrastructure, collapsed the legal Government and strong economy of Libya in 2011. The 250,000 radical Islamic mercenaries that were brought into Libya (by Clinton and armed by Clinton) were handed the country on a platter via the 60,000 bombing sorties flown all over Libya by NATO, destroying hospitals, schools, roads, water supplies, food supplies, power supplies, farms, whole cities and ports, etc. The mercenaries raped women, stole all money out of the Libyan banks, took peoples homes, car and assets, set up road blocks to steal and rape, shot and killed innocent people at will, imprisoned over 70,000 men, women and children without any charges and tortured more than half of those people to death. It is no wonder more than 2 and one half million Libyans fled their country, while more than one million were homeless and over 1 million died, the rest lived in terror under the criminal gangs and militias of Hillary Clinton.

On September 1, 2017 there were celebrations all over Libya flying the green flag of the great Jamahiriya founded by Ghadafi. Everywhere in Libya - Sabah, Bani Walid, Gat, Ubari (south), Jmeel, Tubrag, Zentan, Nalout, Jufra, Sirt, Benghazi, Albayeda and Tripoli just to name a few including many other towns and cities. People took to the streets in support of the Green Resistance and their support for Saif Al Islam Ghadafi to bring back their sovereignty, their security and cleanse their country of puppet criminal militias and phony governments. All of Libya is behind this movement, only the traitor rats, radical Islamic mercenaries and UN puppets are against this movement as they know that this will be their end.

The reason for September 1st is that is the 48th anniversary of the Al Fateh Revolution. The bloodless coup that put Libya into the hands of the Libyan people for the first time in their long 8000 year history. Ghadafi was appointed by the main 11 tribes that had taken part in the revolution - the old despot King just ran off as soon as he was threatened. Understand that Libya does not have a Royal lineage, this old man was put into Libya as a puppet for the United Kingdom (he did not have the support of the majority of the Libyan people). He was to serve the UK interests in stealing all the assets of Libya. During this time Libya was the poorest country in Africa, the average yearly salary of any Libya was about 60 dinars. The Libyans were used basically as slaves for the foreigners (mostly Italians) who owned their land. When Ghadafi took control of Libya in 1969, the phony Monarchy was thrown out and the Libyan people were given their land for their first time in their history. Ghadafi basically gave Libya back to the Libyan people, he shared the wealth of the oil and build Libya into the richest most developed country in Africa with the highest salaries, education and living standards. The people of Libya will raise their green flag again, they will remove the green/black/red ugly flag of the old king and the Libyan traitor rats that joined hands with Clinton and NATO.

As stated so eloquently by a young Libyan man waving his green flag: "The Libyan people have the right to claim the return of the former regime because Libya was a nation with dignity, dignity, sovereignty and respect. The Libyan people today break the barrier of fear and no one can stand in front of them"