The Great Tribes of Libya Celebrate, Saif Al Islam Is Free

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FROM THE ASHES OF A DESTROYED LIBYA RISES THE MYTHICAL PHOENIX and his name is SAIF AL ISLAM AL GHADAFI, the only man who can bring peace and unity to Libya.

For anyone who has not figured it out, Libya has been the home of the dirtiest game ever played by the New World Order Khazarian Mafia Cabal. Oh, don't get me wrong, the cabal has played their criminal games in many countries but Libya will stand with those at the top in the Cabals execution of crimes against humanity. The Cabal has targeted Libya ever since they lost control in 1969 when a real Libyan (Muammar Ghadafi) was appointed to lead the country by leaders of the tribes that effected the bloodless coup against the old despot king. This would be the FIRST, let me repeat that, the FIRST time in the history of Libya that a real Libyan had led the country of Libya. Libya had been occupied by foreign countries for thousands of years. Please understand the old king was Libyan but he was not a leader he was a puppet appointed by the UK to further their oil interests in Libya, and there were no kings in Libya. This old king oppressed the Libyans as much as the other past occupiers of Libya had, one of the worst being the last occupier...ITALY.

When Ghadafi came to power in 1969, Libya was the poorest least developed country in Africa. Libyans were not allowed to own their own land, they were for all practical purposes, slaves of the rich Italians. Ghadafi immediately gave the land to the people who had been working it and for the first time Libyans owned their own land. Ghadafi set into motion a plan to develop Libya and share its wealth with it's people. From 1969 to 2011, Libya became the most developed, richest country in Africa. The people of Libya enjoyed free education, free healthcare, a $46,000 gift upon marriage, a new home built by the government for 10% of your salary for 20 years and then it was yours, 44 cent a gallon gasoline, gifts of money and food during Ramadan, food stores open for anyone too poor to buy food, etc. Women played a large role in Libya as doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, homemakers, etc. Women were emancipated by Ghadafi in the 1970's. Libya spent approximately 49% of her oil income on running the country and the rest was divided to the people in goods and services and some money. Ghadafi was a man who HATED radical Islam, it was not allowed in Libya, the approximately 4% of the Libyan population that were radical were either in exile or in jail. (Note: that was the 4% (plus 250,000 criminal mercenaries) that joined hands with Clinton/Obama to destroy Libya in 2011).

Most of you are starting to understand why Libya had to be destroyed. Libya becoming a shining example of how people could live, free of debt and share the wealth of their country was not something the "fiat" Khazarian bankers could allow. Don't misunderstand, there were problems in Libya as greed always raises it's ugly head. The Turkish mafia caused huge problems and had been caught in a scheme to steal billions from the country in 2011. That mafia (residing in Misurata) happily joined hands with Clinton/Obama to destroy the legitimate Libya because all of their assets had been slated to be frozen by the Libyan government because of their crimes.

Ghadafi understood the nasty game of the Khazarian mafia banksters (Rothschild, Rockefeller's etc.), he was a very bright man and like Iran, Iraq and Syria, was refusing to take the petro-dollar. Instead he was developing a gold backed currency for all of Africa - the African Dinar. The development of this currency was already in the works, half of all African countries had already signed on and all of the Arab countries had signed on. The head was established in the Comoro Islands and accounts were already in place. Of course no country would want the toilet paper fiat currency of the Khazarians if they could trade in real asset backed currency. This single act of sovereignty would have destroyed the New World Order and the criminal Khazarian banks. Thus the "Arab Spring" was born by the New World Order Khazarian Cabal. Using their false flag events they were able to destroy most of the countries not under their control or using their phony money. The only one left standing today is Iran and it is under attack with lies everyday by the Khazarian mafia owned media.

I share this history with you all because so many either forget it or have never known it and the history of Libya and Ghadafi is vital to understanding what is happening in Libya today.

The Libyan people by huge majority loved Ghadafi, he gave them their land, he gave them their lives and their homes. If you understand anything about Libya understand this, Ghadafi was NOT a terrorist, he was not a "strongman dictator" these are terms that were laid upon him by the Zionist/Khazarians. Even the US Department of Defense declared Ghadafi their greatest asset in the fight against terrorism in February of 2011. Two weeks later he was the worst criminal ever born.

In Djerba, Tunisia in early 2011, a meeting was held with Ghadafi and his family with the intelligence agencies of the US, UK, France, etc. The meeting was held to discuss the bombings and destruction that were taking place in Libya. In this meeting, Ghadafi offered these criminals to take whatever they wanted, he would leave if they demanded it but he pleaded to please just stop bombing and killing my people. The answer was as criminal as the people he was speaking with: "We will bomb Libya as long as we want because we can, and you will die along with your entire family and there is nothing you can do about it". This was the meeting that Ghadafi's son Saif Al Islam had just come from when he told the world that all the rebels would die and that they deserved whatever fate they got. For this statement the world declared him a war criminal and demanded he be jailed or killed.

Saif is the Second eldest of Ghadafi's seven sons. He was the heir apparent in Libya under his father but there would have been a legitimate election before he was ever made leader/Prime Minister. Saif holds a Bachelors degree in Engineering from the Al Fateh University in Tripoli, an MBA in Business from Vienna and a PhD from the London School of Economics. Saif was involved in a number of charities the main one for drugs and and narcotics control, he has been active in the past in international politics and was instrumental in getting the weapons of mass destruction removed from Libya. He was also instrumental in getting Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch into Libya in 2009 after which they declared that one should not "underestimate the importance of the efforts made so far by Gaddafi in the realm of human rights in Libya".

Saif was captured by the Zentan tribe in 2011 as he was leaving Libya. NATO had blown up his home and assassinated his father, he knew they were out to assassinate his entire family especially him because he was the most popular and most experienced to lead Libya AND he was not a puppet of the New World Order. The Zentan tribe took Saif to their home in the mountains after they captured him, where they kept him for almost 6 years. During this time there were a number of attempts to move him to Tripoli for a 'kangaroo court" trial run by Al Qaeda terrorists (puppets of Clinton/Obama) who had no proof of any crimes committed by Saif. The ICC has attempted to extradite Saif to the Hague to try him for crimes that have never been proven or documented. The Zentan tribe refused to comply with the ICC; they understood the dirty game against the Ghadafi family was continuing. The trial in Tripoli by the Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood terrorists found Saif guilty and sentenced him to death in absentia. None of the crimes they alleged he committed were ever proven and this court was declared invalid even by the international community. The hypocrisy of these terrorists is glaring as they are the ones who committed the crimes of which they were accusing Saif.

On June 10, 2017, Saif Al Islam Ghadafi was set free by the Zentan tribe. The only legitimately elected government in Libya, the House of Representatives, in Tobruk, issued a decree of amnesty, declaring that Saif Al Islam is protected under this Amnesty decree. This Amnesty is wide reaching and covers international law as well as local Libyan law.

Of course the puppet (Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda) governments in Libya (UN appointed government and the GNC Clinton/Obama puppet govt) in Tripoli denounced this freedom. Even more shocking is the ICC, who has NO authority over the Amnesty is declaring that Saif be arrested and brought to them. Pretty obvious who the real criminals are here. The ICC is run by the New World Order who cannot have Saif or any Ghadafi free in Libya. The will lose their control of Libya (which they hold only by force) once the Libyan tribes have a leader they trust and will support. They attempted more than one time to assassinate him while in the hands of the Zentan tribe but all times the plot was exposed. Hiding lies inside a tribal structure is next to impossible, this is why the NWO wants to keep their mercenaries inside Libya, no intelligence group has ever been able to penetrate the tribal structure (tribal members all know each other). Besides the fact that there will be huge cases of war crimes brought against NATO, US, UK, France, Qatar and all other parties involved in the war crimes committed in Libya, once a legitimate leader is installed.

The Libyan people and great tribes of Libya are all celebrating the freedom of Saif and look forward to following him to victory over the mercenaries, terrorists and criminals that have infected their country for the past 6 years. The only crime that Saif can be found guilty of is being named "Ghadafi", a name that is loved and revered by the Libyan people, a name that they connect with their sovereignty and their freedom from the New World Order Khazarian mafia (Zionists)

We ask all people of the world, lovers of liberty and freedom to stand against the ICC, International Criminal Court, and demand that they drop all "made-up" charges against Saif, a man who has proven himself in the past to be against WMD, to stand for charities, human rights and peace. Unlike his accusers who they themselves are guilty of heinous crimes against humanity.