Great Tribes of Libya (Libyan People) Begin to Cleanse Tripoli of Terrorist Militias

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September 2018, Tripoli Libya.

The Great Tribes of Libya have begun their cleansing of the terrorists brought into their country illegally by NATO in their 2011 invasion of Libya.

These terrorists include groups such as Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Ansar Al Sharia, ISIS, Salafists, Wahabists and other assorted small criminal mercenary militia gangs. All of these militia gangs have been controlling Tripoli since 2011, ILLEGALLY. Theses terrorists are working with the UN puppet government, appointed by the UN (headed by the criminal Serraj) without any authority or vote of the Libyan people. These terrorist gangs answer to no laws or rules. They roam the streets armed and attack or steal at will. The Libyan people have suffered under these gangs ever since NATO, Obama, Clinton, McCain and others invaded their country with NATO using a false flag lie of a revolution to justify their war crimes.

Today, many of the largest tribes in Libya joined the Tarhouna tribe near Tripoli to support them in the cleansing of the rubbish controlling the city of Tripoli. The people of Libya who are all members of tribes and represented by the tribes, have had enough. Recently, as I reported earlier, 45 young men were sentenced to death by a kangaroo court made up of criminal militias. These young men had broken no laws, their only crime was being members of the Libyan army fighting against NATO invaders in 2011. This was just one more criminal act that pushed the Libyan people (tribes) over the edge. Even though the tribes have no support from outside like the militias who receive weapons and money from the US (via Turkey), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Sudan; the Great Tribes of Libya have joined together to take back their sovereignty no matter what.

The terrorist gangs (militias) fearing the loss of their "golden goose" have called their brother terrorists from all over Libya to support them in their battle. These terrorists (Salafists and Wahabists, et. al) are being flown into the Mitiga Airport in Tripoli. The Mitiga airport, the old Wheelus Air force base, ( ) is being controlled by the terrorists.

So, as the world watches, the Great Tribes of Libya, standing alone with all their Libyan brothers and sisters, take on the New World order and their proxy army of terrorists.

We ask the people of the world to stand with their Libyan brothers and sisters as they fight the Zionist New World Order, Khazarian mafia cabal. The Cabal has taken their country by illegal means and placed their criminals on the ground to keep the Libyan people from their security and sovereignty.

The Great tribes of Libya are showing the world how to fight, they deserve your support and your respect. God bless them all as they fight against the evil that is permeating the entire world today.