Great Tribes of Libya Support Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Zubaidi for President of Tunisia

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August 5, 2019

The Great Tribes of Libya informed me today and asked that I please publish their full support for Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Zubaidi in his candidacy for president of Tunisia.

What this tells the world is that Dr. Al-Zubaidi is an honorable man, a man who supports the security of the Greater African Maghreb and Egypt. It is very important to the countries of the Maghreb (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia and Western Sahara) including Egypt, that leaders are elected that stand together with them against terrorism and outside intervention from foreign countries.

The countries of the African Maghreb have all been attacked by imperialist countries, they have all been infiltrated by radical Islamic terrorist groups and mercenaries. The sovereignty of all these countries is imperative to each country and it is understood by the tribes and people of the aforementioned countries that they must join together and support each other against such invasionary forces. They also work to support each other in development of resources, development of infrastructure and humanitarian services.

Tunisia is a pivotal country in the Maghreb because of the extraordinary amount of US operatives inside that country. The CIA uses the US Embassy in Tunisia as their training center for the world. Dr. Al-Zubaidi is a long time believer in the sovereignty of every country. He pledges to refuse to allow the CIA to expand its influence in the Maghreb via their underhanded tactics. He also pledges to join hands with other countries in the Maghreb working to maintain their sovereignty.

It is imperative to all the countries of the Maghreb that leaders are elected that are not puppets of the western imperialists and Khazarian Zionists banking mafia.

Therefore, the strength of the importance of the support of the great tribes of Libya for Dr.Al-Zubaidi should be obvious.

We wish Dr. Al-Zubaidi all success in his presidential bid in Tunisia and with his success the continued growing strength of the sovereignty of the Greater African Maghreb,