Hope Returns to Libya as the Green Flag of the Great Jamahiriya is Raised Across Libya

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For those who do not know, the highly successful government of Libya organized by Moammar Ghadafi was called the Great Jamahiriya. It was represented by a beautiful solid green flag.

The flag put up by the terrorists and Rats (Libyan traitors) is the black/red/green ugly flag of the old despot king who was threatened by a coup of the Libyan tribes and ran off in 1969. The old king was put into place by the UK to control the country and it's oil. The old king was a real despot, he was completely corrupt, He abused his position and did nothing for the Libyan people keeping them as slaves for the Italians and others.

When the old king ran off, and the coup was successful, the tribes appointed Ghadafi to lead as he was highly educated, very charismatic and very clever. Ghadafi immediately gave the land that the Libyan people had been working as slaves to them. He threw out the corrupt Italians and others and nationalized the oil industry. He then began to build his country, educate his people and give them a piece of the oil revenues via, free healthcare, free education, gifts of money at marriage and birth, homes built by the government at the cost of 10% of their salary after 20 years it belonged to them. Libya used about 49% of it's oil revenue to run the government and the rest was used to help and support the Libyan people (the list is very long). Libya had NO debt, the people had no debt, they had no Zionist bankers in Libya, the only way to wire money into Libya was via Western Union. Ghadafi took Libya from the least developed country in Africa in 1969, to the most developed country in Africa by 2011. They had the highest base income, the highest educated people, the highest standard of Living and the best security in all of Africa and most of the world.

The success of the "Ghadafi Revolution" had been under attack for 3 decades by the US, it could not be allowed stand as a beacon to the world of what could be achieved by good stewardship for the people.

But the Libyan people remember what it was like before the Ghadafi revolution, they remember what it was like after the Ghadafi revolution and they will return their country to the success of the Great Jamahiriya. They will take back their sovereignty, they alone stand against the New World order criminals who would return Libya to the time of poverty and despair, having all Libyan assets stolen by Imperialist nations with their terrorist proxy armies.The Libyan people/tribes have been attempting to take back their country since 2011 after NATO (military arm of the New World Order) destroyed their country. But, the NWO left behind all their mercenaries and terrorists (continually funding and arming them via Turkey), they killed hundreds of thousands of innocents, they imprisoned (without charge) over 70,000 men women and children, they installed their own puppet governments and they maintained control over the population left in Libya (over 2 million fled to safety) by tyranny, death, threats, listening in on all communications, theft, rape, etc.

The Libyan people now begin to move against the illegal occupiers of their country. They great tribes of Libya are joined together to retake their country. They have the support of the African Union. They know that there will be an election this year and that Saif al Islam Ghadafi, the second son of Ghadafi will be elected as he holds over 90% approval in Libya. They know that all the criminal traitors and NWO puppets will be evicted from Libya. They know that all the terrorists, mercenaries and radical Islamists will be thrown out of Libya.

So, this week-end across the south of Libya (Sabah et.al.) in the East even in Tobruk, the Green Flag was raised and people began to celebrate and hope was ignited in their hearts. And please understand when you watch the video, these are Libyans celebrating the raising of the Green flag, they have been under siege for almost 8 years, they celebrate by shooting off their guns and listening to their now dead leader speaking by tape. This is all they have left, but they will rebuild. I explain this for those in the west who do not understand this is the way they have to celebrate.