ICC Warrant Issued for Son of CIA Operative, Khalifa Haftar, for Grand Theft

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The ICC (International Criminal Court) issued a warrant for the arrest of the son of CIA operative Khalifa Haftar (so called leader of the Libyan National Army).

Haftar's son's full name is Saddam Khalifa Belqasm Haftar Al-Farajani, Al-Farajani is his tribes name. This man, son of the criminal traitor, thief, murderer and terrorist, Khalifa Haftar, has stolen from Libyan banks more than once starting soon after the NATO destruction of Libya in 2011. One incident had people killed and injured. Saddam Haftar has had no reprisals from his corrupt father who appointed him to lead Brigade 106 of the Libyan army all the while aware of the theft and corruption of his son.

The theft from the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) in Benghazi took place in late 2017 when the 106 Brigade took over control of the bank and thier vault. The vault contained over 630 million dinars, 159 million euros, 1.9 million dollars and 5,569 silver coins.

The cover story for the theft of the entire vault contents which were transferred out to unknown locations, came in July of 2018. In July, the governor of the CBL in Al-Bayda, Ali Al-Hibri, said the money that was in Benghazi’s CBL was "damaged by sewage" that leaked into the vaults. The statement of Al-Hibri were immediately condemned as a lie to cover up the theft as any banker or CPA knows that it is virtually impossible for the contents of a vault to be damaged by sewage under any circumstances.

The UN has condemned the theft and put out a formal statement in September of this year.

Yesterday, the ICC issued a formal warrant for the arrest of Khalifa Haftar's son for the theft from the CBL in Benghazi. The warrant lists his full Libyan name: Saddam Khalifa Belqasm Haftar Al-Farajani. I am posting a copy of the warrant below.

When asking the tribes what will happen, they said he (the son of Haftar) resides today in Benghazi. I said will he be arrested? They replied, by whom, there is no law and order now in Libya only corruption and his father the leader of much corruption will do nothing. No one will do anything.

So, a perfect picture of how Hillary Clinton, Obama, NATO, Sarkozy and Cameron left Libya. They destroyed the legitimate government and replaced it with their corrupt puppets to continue the destruction and theft of Libya. The media puts out lies daily about Haftar meeting with Russia, Italy, France and the US etc, to bring about peace in Libya. These are all LIES of the highest level. As I stated in an earlier article, "the rape of Libya continues" and don't think for one minute that the architects of the destruction of Libya (Khazarian Zionists New World Order criminals) are not getting their piece of the stolen assets.

Haftar does not represent Libya or her people. Haftar is hated by a huge majority of Libyans (95%), they know him to be a long time CIA operative and to have lived in Langley, VA (CIA headquarters) for over 35 years only to return after the attack on the legitimate Libyan country - to continue his destruction of Libya from inside. He went against his country during the Chad wars in the 1970's and was rescued by his CIA handlers. He was sentenced to death in absentia by the Libyan people for being a traitor and would have been thrown in jail had he returned during the legitimate government before 2011.

The Libyan tribes understand the theft, they understand the dirty game and illegal occupation of their country. I asked them, what can you do? They always say, we will fight or we will die. We have no choice, it is our country and we will not be made slaves again to other countries under any circumstances.

The Libyan people suffer today without necessities most of the world takes for granted. Their water supply, food, fuel and medicine are all compromised, expensive and difficult to find. Electricity is off much of the time, internet and phone service when on are marginal at best. Yet, these criminals steal millions from banks and enrich themselves and their terrorist buddies. Where is the outcry, where is the hand of humanity from the world? Far past time that the west stood up and rectified it crimes against Libya and helped cleanse their country of the terrorists and mafia gangs that have sucked it dry and are destroying an ancient culture and it's people