Illegal Foreign Interference Stopping Peace in Libya

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The Libyan peoples army (LNA Libyan National Army) is working diligently to cleanse Libya of the terrorist militias. They are doing a good job of destroying weapons depots and cleaning camps of the militias. But this is a slow process because of the foreign intervention of Turkey and Qatar, bringing in weapons and terrorist fighters. Top of the list of terrorists illegally supplying the terrorists in Libya is Turkey, where the Muslim Brotherhood finds their biggest support.

Abdulhakem Belhajis a radical Islamic Libyan terrorist who fought with the Taliban and moved with Osama bin Laden (for many years) working with his terrorist groups in many countries, was finally captured before 2011 by MI5 and eventually transferred back to Libya where he was imprisoned as a well known terrorist. He was released (using a poorly planned rehabilitation program) not long before NATO invaded and destroyed Libya. Belhaj immediately joined the terrorist mercenaries that were brought into Libya to destroy the country and joined hands with John McCain and Hillary Clinton. After the destruction of Libya, Belhaj set himself up in a phony leadership position in the NATO puppet government and began to steal from Libya. All Libyan people know who he is and what he has stolen from Libya, he is one of the most hated men in Libya. To that end, he found himself in constant danger in Libya and had to flee to Turkey (who always welcomes radical Islamic terrorists) taking with him a number of billions of stolen Libyan money. He uses his ill gotten gains to support terrorist activities around the world but mainly in Libya. Belhaj started his own airline company (Libyan Wings) with some of his spoils and immediately attempted to make the airline appear legitimate. However, the main use for his airline is to move terrorists and arms around to countries where they can continue to destabilize, steal and kill innocent civilians and take control of sovereign countries. On August 24th, 2019, Belhaj's airline brought a group of terrorists into Misurata to help pump up Serraj and the GNA (being held up by terrorist militias) to help them maintain their control over Tripoli, the Libyan Central Bank, the NOC and all other Libyan assets. This is evidently a common occurrence whereby the Muslim Brotherhood and Belhaj constantly supply terrorist mercenaries, weapons and explosives to the terrorist militias in Libya.

The true controllers of the terrorists militias in Libya is not the GNA (Serraj), even though it appears he is the one giving the orders and dealing with Turkey. The Muslim Brotherhood is the real controller of the terrorists in Libya. The Brotherhood is the professor behind the curtain of all problems in Libya today. They keep the militias armed and funded with stolen Libyan money. They have infiltrated every institution in Tripoli and they give Serraj his orders, he has no choice but to obey. The Muslim Brotherhood is a cancer in Libya. In order to bring Libya back to peace and security the cancer must be removed by force; it will not leave on its own and it will not negotiate for peace; it will never give up any of it's control.

Another major point is that many of the terrorist militias are not only terrorists but also criminals - criminals who once resided in Libyan prisons before 2011. This is a point rarely spoken about but a problem that left Libya full of thieves, killers, druggies, etc. This is another wonderful legacy left behind by NATO, the UN / US / UK / France / Qatar / CIA / Mossad / MI5 / Blackwater, etc. who opened the prisons in 2011 and paid the prisoners to fight against the people. Many of these criminals have become millionaires from stolen Libyan money.

The activities of NATO in 2011 included war crimes, crimes against humanity, terrorism, bombing, illegal embargoes, abductions, assassinations, etc., etc. After NATO finished they turned the country over to the Muslim Brotherhood and all their terrorist minions, leaving the innocent Libyan people living a kind of hell.

So, the only choice the Libyan people and great tribes of Libya have is to clean their country of the terrorist organizations led by the Muslim Brotherhood. If they cannot do that, they have no country. It is very simple in Libya, there will be no negotiations with terrorists, the terrorists will leave or die. This is not hard to understand. There is only one legitimately elected government in Libya. The HOR (House of Representatives) in Tobruk. It is high time the entire world recognizes this and turn away from the phony puppet illegitimate regime of Serraj (GNA) controlling Tripoli by force. The Libyan National Army (the Libyan People's Army) works with the HOR and is tasked to take Libya back from the throngs of terrorism. Egypt and Russia fully understand this point and will work to support the end of terrorism in Libya.

The terrorist militias are panicky, they are losing. Their biggest fear is the date: September 1, 2019. The 50th anniversary of the great al Fateh revolution. The bloodless coup that gave Libya back to the Libyan people for the first time in their history. The revolution that put Ghadafi in as leader and created the great Jamahiriya and the green flag of that great state. There is a movement, a huge movement in Libya to celebrate on September first all over Libya in every city. All Libyan tribes and people want the green flag back and they want the great Jamahiriya that gave them their great lives and country back.. This is a movement that the rats/terrorists cannot fight, in is in the hearts and minds of the Libyan people.

As a consequence of this movement, the terrorists have gained some sophisticated monitoring devices and monitor all cell phones trying to catch the word green or Ghadafi or other words they fear. If they catch one of these words, they tag the phone and kidnap the person - these people are never seen again. This is the kind of terror the Libyan people live under, especially in Tripoli, any Libyan who acts like they do not support the terrorist militias they are shot and killed. These days in Tripoli the lives of the legitimate Libyan people are very very difficult.

The pure and simple truth about Libya is that if these terrorists were gone, there would be peace and security in Libya. Any person who respects humanity and enjoys a live of peace and security can understand why the Libyan people want their country cleansed of terrorists. There will be no negotiating the terrorists will leave or die.

God bless the Libyan people, the gallant fighters of the Libyan People's Army, the valiant work of the great tribes of Libya and all Libyans who work silently to help. Their country was violated in a most heinous way and they have had to work for 8 years to try and bring back a secure life for their people.