An Important Appeal From a Prisoner of February 2011 Terrorist Rebels

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‏An appeal of a Libyan professor who has been imprisoned and tortured by the criminals that NATO and Hillary Clinton backed in 2011. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Libyans have been imprisoned and tortured (many to death) for the simple reason that they did not agree with the phony revolution and illegal invasion of their country. These are crimes against humanity that have never been addressed by any human rights groups or the ICC or any international organization. This is the great shame of the world and the hypocrisy of those that claim they freed Libya from oppression. They were/are the oppressors, the thieves, the terrorists and the war criminals.

" An important appeal"

"Being true to myself and to all my comrades who have suffered the worst treatment of the unjust and dark February arrests by murderers, the cutting of the limbs, the burning, the removal of the nails, the electrifying, the pulling of nails from the body, Acupuncture, starvation, humiliation, abuse, forced confessions, and other forms of physical and psychological torture that you are ashamed to remember." ‏

"And it's dirty means, and its glowing nostrils, which we have been complaining of for eight years. Every day, a new firewood is added to it to increase the level of panic, and from the experience of our bitter experience and our commitment to fulfill our comrades."

"We express our deep concern about the fate of our comrades, who remain in detention in Prisons of February since 2011 without any charge other than their position on the invasion of NATO to their country, and fought to defend them so as not to reach Libya. Mafia of today, and the failure of days proved the truth and steadfastness of their position. We warn of the danger and the consequences of harming their lives in any form. We call upon all relevant international organizations to fulfill their duty. We hope that every conscience can work with us to achieve this demand."

"We express our names and our rejection of the actions of some channels and pages from the presentation of pictures and clips of prisoners of war in Tripoli and its suburbs, and even the presentation of interrogations of them without competence, without respect for their humanity and not to the feelings of their parents or relatives. It is an act that is rejected religiously and ethically and is incompatible with the minimum standards of humanity and morality. We urge all parties to commit to a minimum of responsibilities."

"We will remain partners in this country no matter what happens. ‏- In accordance with all legislation, portraying prisoners and spreading them to the public is a complete crime and requires the perpetrators be brought to justice, in accordance with local and international legislation."

"Please fear God in your family, fear God in your children, fear God in your country, fear God in yourselves. What is this degeneration, what is this debauchery, what is this hatred, what is this sadism."

"Please respect the prisoners and keep their lives peaceful." ‏
Saad Manaa
Former university professor - Sirte, Libya
prisoner. 2 may 2019