ISIS Members Suicide Bomb Tripoli Election Commission

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Yesterday 2 ISIS members slipped into the Electoral Commission Building in the west of Tripoli and blew up the building using bombs that they had strapped on their persons. Eleven people were killed and nineteen were injured.

ISIS and all radical Islamists do not believe in elections. This is of course a great excuse to blow up and destroy any and all election prospects to free the Libyan people from the criminal terrorist mercenaries forced upon them
by NATO and the western imperialists in 2011.

The reality in Libya is that the people of Libya who are all members of tribes and represented by the Great Tribes of Libya, do not support radical Islamists, do not support any of the puppet governments of the west, do not support
Khalifa Haftar a known CIA operative. The people of Libya want a country wide election, they have not had a voice in their country since 2011. The election will be for an entirely new government, a House of Representatives, a second House
for the General Secretariat of the Tribes and a President to lead their country. The people of Libya support by a 95%+ majority, Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi, as their leader; he the second son of their past great leader Moammar Ghadafi.
This in itself is the greatest threat to the New World Order Zionists that have been controlling Libya with their mercenaries and terrorists for the past 7 years. They cannot maintain their control once the Libyan people with their
Great Tribes take back their country in an election. Also, these criminal occupiers of Libya have to face the African Union which is fully supporting this upcoming election and Dr. Said al Islam as the future leader of Libya.

You will see more attacks, more lies, more false flags coming out of Libya (made by the bad guys) this year as we get closer and closer to a full country election in Libya. It is very difficult to hold a country that has 95%+ of the people against you.
The imperialist Zionists have been stealing from Libya, supplying weapons to their mercenaries and using every dirty trick to hold onto their stolen prize since 2011. War crimes and crimes against humanity have been rampant in Libya since 2011.

One major point to always remember. When people speak about Libya and bring forward their so called experts, unless these experts bring forward the voice of the Great Tribes of Libya (voice of the people) then they are not experts on Libya or they
are speaking for the NWO Zionists. The only way there will ever be peace in Libya will be through the Great Tribes, period. It is rare you hear anyone speak of the Libyan people or the Great Tribes because that would have to be a discussion about
the end of the criminal occupation of Libya.

The criminals will be cleansed out of Libya. The terrorists, the radicals, the mercenaries are losing their hold. The world must stand with the Libyan people via their great Tribes. The horrific crimes committed in Libya have to be made public and
the world must stand with the Libyan people as they fight to take back their sovereignty.