Israel involvement in the fake revolution

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This information is about Israel and its involvement in the Libyan “fake” revolution.
The first document was passed to us from the tribes of Libya. The tribes security got this document from their people inside and I believe it came out of Afghanistan. The document is written in Hebrew and is an agreement between the so called rebels and Israel. We cannot read Hebrew but we were told by a credible source that this is an agreement that Israel will arm and train the rebels until they take over Libya at which time Israel will be allowed to build a military base in the green mountain area in the east of Libya.
The photos are all personal photos taken by good Libyans inside the rebel camps in Benghazi. (these photos were passed to us from the Libyan security files) The first photo contains a man named Bernard Levy a French multi-millionaire who shows up every time there is a war started by the “one world order” ,people. Those people who would stop independent nations from operating outside their FED, EURO system. This man is seen in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria and other places. Where ever he lands there will be conflicts and war. In the photos you will see him along with John McCain and Chris Stevens. Chris Stevens was running guns to the mercenaries brought in by NATO to destroy Libya. McCain and Stevens are seen with Levy and with Jalil the rat leader of the so called rebels. They are seen praying Jewish prayers, holding candles. Levy is seen helping direct the NATO generals where to bomb in Libya (60,000 bombing raids from NATO when it was just a “no fly zone” )
I have named most of the photos so you will know what they are. But, what no one ever talked about was how involved Israel was in the Libyan crisis and how on the second day of the war in Misurata, they hung the Star of David flag (Israel’s flag) over the front of the largest Mosque in Misurata.