Italy Continues Their Historical Dirty Games Against Libya

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This article is an update on all the foreign imperialist corrupt and despicable acts committed in the sovereign country of Libya.

I will start with Italy. Italy' has the most shameful, atrocity filled history ever with the country of Libya. You can actually start back with the Roman empire in the year 1AD to the year 640 AD, during which time Rome occupied and controlled, enslaved and abused Libyans. From there you pass through, Islamic rule, Spanish rule, Ottoman Empire rule and a couple other minor rulers up to 1911 - 1934 when again Italy invades and does what they call the Colonization of Libya. What they really did was the most heinous acts against humanity imaginable. During this time Mussolini attempted to own Libya by force but the Libyan people (tribes) led by Omar Mukhtar were able to keep the Italian army at bay for almost 20 years without the same weapons used by Italy. The Libyan people were imprisoned, enslaved, hung without trial, stolen from , starved and killed. Mussolini becoming frustrated with not being able to stop the tribes, sent his most evil officer (called the bloody butcher), General Rodolfo Graziani, to take down the Libyan resistance and Omar Muhktar. Graziani attempted a complete genocide on the Libyan people. He strung razor wire across the dessert, killing people and animals as they moved. He then imprisoned all Libyans in concentration camps, keeping them without food or water. In the end, there were only 250,000 Libyan nationals left alive when this criminal Graziani captured Omar Muhktar and hung him. From 1934 until after WWII, was known as "Italian Libya" because the Italians had literally taken Libya from the people, made themselves villas of Olive groves, date groves, etc and used the Libyan people as slaves. No Libyan was allowed to own land and the average yearly salary was 60 dinars. This was the same time the old despot king was installed by the UK and he was a complete despot so much so that when the 11 largest tribes attempted a coup in 1969, he just ran off. The eleven tribes then appointed Moammar Ghadafi to lead Libya as he was highly educated, charismatic and very clever. Ghadafi took Libya from the least developed country in 1969, to the most developed country in Africa all the while sharing oil profits with the people. All these accomplishments done in a little over 40 years by the time NATO came in with their false flag and destroyed the country. Under Ghadafi leadership, Italy agreed to pay reparations to Libya for the heinous acts they perpetrated upon the Libyan people. However, and most conveniently, the NATO war against Libya arrived in 2011 and consequently, Italy has never paid a dime of the agreed upon settlement.

It was important for the reader to realize the horrific history Italy has with Libya in order to understand that Italy is again attempting to control and abuse the Libyan people and Libyan assets. Italy decided a long time ago that Libya belongs to them and they continue this mindset today. Because the great tribes of Libya are together working for a country wide election that will put Ghadafi's son, Saif al Islam, in as president of Libya (he has over 90% approval), the Italians have approached the tribes acting as allies in this endeavor. ( * It should be noted that Italy receives huge amounts of natural gas via a pipeline under the Mediterranean at a discount which they resell to the EU at a huge profit).

There were some Italian envoys who met recently with top tribal members in Tunisia. They promised the tribes full support of the election and full support of the new president elect after the election. This was all a DIRTY GAME. The tribes have now been notified by their security people that the Italians are having private (under the table) meetings in Tripoli with the UN puppet Sarraj. They are having secret meetings with criminal militias in Misurata (Hillary Clinton's mercenaries), And they are also having secret meetings with the CIA operative Khalifa Haftar. NONE of these people want a free/sovereign Libya.

The head of the tribes has put out a "cease and desist" order against Italy. There will be no more discussions by the Libyan tribes with Italy. Italy has proven themselves to be the same troglodytes that they have been for hundreds/thousands of years in their enslavement of Libya.

Next, France. France is stealing gold from southern Libya and has been doing so since 2011. France built themselves a makeshift airport so that they could fly out the stolen Libyan gold (they found one of Libya's hidden caches). They also fly out the concentrate that they are mining illegally near the same location. This is THEFT, there is no other way to state it. France has a big stake in Libya, they want to steal Libyan assets and will continue to do so until Libya is sovereign again

Third, the USA. The USA/CIA has built a drone base in SW Libya near the Chadian border. This drone base is made up of some of the most sophisticated drones known. These drones are capable of flying up to 6000 mile round trips, (3000 miles each way). These drones are capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Second, the US is continuing to arm and fund (via Turkey and Qatar) the mercenary/terrorists that they brought into Libya illegally in 2011. The CIA had/has over 29 training camps in Libya, being used to train their proxy army of terrorist mercenaries they use to invade sovereign countries calling them "rebels".

Fourth, the UK. The UK has and always will remain in the mix of the above imperialist countries. As most people know, the UK is one of the most horrific imperialist invaders on the planet and they will take their piece right out of the middle.

So, as the Great Tribes of Libya strive to take back their sovereignty, they face imperialist criminals on all sides. It is most important that this tyranny of theft and collusion against Libya be exposed to the people of the world. The Libyan tribes will find allies, strong allies outside their country, but it will not be any country who is owned by the Khasarian mafia banksters who have been conniving to effect their evil New World Order for hundreds of years.