Italy Invades Libya Using UN Puppet Serraj As Excuse

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Libya August 2017

If you asked any Libyan if they thought Italy would ever be allowed back in Libya after the horrible crimes, theft and mass killings committed against Libya by the Italian occupation starting in 1910 and lasting until 1947, they would say that you had lost your mind. Italy under Berlusconi agreed to pay some billions in reparations to Libya for their past crimes, of course when the attack on Libya was started in 2011, Italy jumped on board because they knew if Libya was destroyed it would erase that debt, which it did.

The great Libyan Jamahiriya developed for the Libyan people since 1969 under Ghadafi gave the Libyan people for the first time in their history a share in their countries wealth. They received back the land stolen by Italy, free health care, free education - through PhD, monetary gifts when married, new homes costing 10% of your salary for 20 years and then yours, first car at 1/2 price, gasoline at 44 cents a gallon, complete security (no militias, almost no crimes), women were emancipated in the 1970's by Ghadafi and were doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, house wives, in the military, etc. Libya had become the most developed country in Africa, going from the poorest least developed in 1969 to the top under Ghadafi in 42 years. Libya was not part of the Zionists fiat money debt system. They had their own money and their own banks and no debt.

Most people do not know that in 2006, under the treaty signed by Condoleeza Rice and Ghadafi, Ghadafi was required to step down from power, he did. No one, not even the criminal mass media liars knew that Ghadafi had stepped down. All the lies told to instigate the false flag destruction of Libya in 2011 were centered around what Ghadafi was doing. He was doing NOTHING, he was not in charge. I was there, I met with politicians, with tribes, with leaders, they all confirmed this was true.

The UN / NATO / Obama / Clinton / McCain / Sarkozy / Cameron illegal destruction of Libya was done to break up the sovereignty of Libya. They thought they could kill Ghadafi, destroy the government and they would own Libya. But, they underestimated the strong ancient culture of the Great Tribes of Libya. An election was held in 2014 to install a legitimately elected government but when the UN puppets were all voted out they attacked the legitimate government and forced it to set itself up in the east in Tobruk. Still not being able to control Libya, they decided they would have the UN representative for Libya (a German) meet in Tunisia and "appoint" a new government for Tripoli. Of course no Libyan was interested in having a government appointed by the UN (the group that blew up their country) so this puppet government was not allowed to come into Tripoli. The Great Tribes of Libya completely rejected this appointed government (see attachment below). Next plan was to sneak in their "appointed" government by the dark of night into Tripoli by boat, which they did and immediately came under the protection of Abdulhakem Belhaj (top Al Qaeda, radical Islamic leader) with whom they are still aligned. Once in Tripoli, the UN stepped up and of course recognized this puppet government as the legitimate government of Tripoli. The leader of this puppet government is named Serraj, he travels around Europe, representing himself as the Prime Minister of Libya. He has no authority to do anything in Libya, he has no authority to make deals, treaties or negotiate anything but that certainly has never stopped the UN or the Zionists.

On August 2, 2017, the UN appointed puppet, Serraj, invited the Italians into Libya under the guise of helping with the refugee problem. The Italians jumped at this because not only do they want back into Libya, but they want to stop the refugee problem. Under the guise of helping with the refugee problem (which was completely handled under the Ghadafi government) they have boots on the ground in Libya.
The Libyan people are very angry, they know that they are under attack again by the UN and Italy. They know that the UN puppet was put into Tripoli to control and destroy their sovereignty and that he (Serraj) had no authority to ask Italy to bring their war ships into Libyan waters and to put their boots on the ground. Serraj and his CIA puppet buddy Khalifa Haftar also showed up in France and requested help from Macron to join Italy on the ground in Libya. Macron turned them down and told them they had no authority to represent Libya, which was true and refreshing.

One of the leading Libyan authorities and a Professor of Libyan studies, Dr. Saleh Mohammed put out a statement regarding the Italians in Libya. He said this means that there is a decision (by the EU/UN) to turn Libya into an alternative homeland for illegal immigrants, and that there is a plan to grant all current immigrants in Europe financial facilities and convince them that Libya is the land of opportunity. The plan is to take a huge piece of Libya and make it another state, just like they did with Israel to Palestine. To fill it with people of different religions and turn the Libyans into a minority like American Indians or a marginalized majority, as the Palestinians are today and to take another part to train and keep their criminal terrorist mercenaries. Professor Saleh's concerns are real and it is exactly what the so called New World Order Zionists (Khazarian mafia) would like to do to Libya. A country full of wealth and a small population of around 5.5 million.

The Libyan people have suffered for years since the destruction and take over of their country by the Khazarian mafia NWO criminals. The legitimate Libyan people have not been allowed to have a voice since 2011, they have been oppressed, abused, imprisoned, killed, stolen from and had their homes and families destroyed. Now with the rise of a new great leader for their country, Saif Al Islam Ghadafi, a man the Libyan people trust and know (he is their brother), there is a glimmer of hope for Libya sovereignty. Saif is the biggest threat possible to the imperialist, Zionists, NWO criminals who would continue to steal from Libya causing them to take dangerous steps to move their agenda ahead. The Libyan tribes know this, but they will have to move quickly and decisively to save their country.

We stand with the great tribes of Libya as they move to retake their sovereignty, they need the prayers and support of all the good people of the world who would stand with them against tyranny.