Italy Raises Its Ugly Head of Imperialism Against Libya AGAIN

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This past week Italy, a country that committed innumerable crimes against humanity in Libya in the past with their fascist colonialism, has begun again to try and control the sovereign country of Libya. The reason Italy feels it can attempt this criminal move again is because the President of the US, Donald Trump has put his imprimatur on Italy's desire to once again own the country of Libya and her assets . To that end, the Italian Ambassador to Libya made some statements that are not only out of his range of influence but also against the sovereign people of Libya. Giuseppe Perrone, Italy's Ambassador to Libya called insistently for the Libyan elections, due to take place in December of this year, to be postponed. This man has no jurisdiction and no authority over the country of Libya. Yet, he has the hubris to dictate to the Libyan people because Trump has agreed for Italy to lead some so called "steering committee" in the Mediterranean regarding Libya. Also, adding to this slap in face of the Libyan people, Italy has requested to acquire land to build an Italian military base in Libya and is stating that some of the land in Tripoli belongs to Italy as it had been theirs during their occupation of Libya before 1969. Neither, Trump nor Italy have the right to dictate to the Libyan people. Foreign intervention has caused all the trouble in Libya since 2011. These arrogant acts by Trump and the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, prove that the USA and Italy are Zionists New World Order puppets

The people of Libya suffered heinous crimes against humanity from 1923 through 1932 during which time Italy had taken over their country. The Italians could not conquer the tribes of the desert who were led by the great Omar Mukhtar so they resorted to horrible crimes against the people, using gas, starvation, razor wires across the desert, concentration camps etc., almost finishing a complete genocide of the Libyan people. Even after WWII, the Italians remained on Libyan soil, having stolen all of Libya's farm-able land and using Libyans as their slaves. Not until the 1969 bloodless coup/revolution of the great tribes of Libya did the Libyan people experience their freedom for the first time in most of their long 8000 year history. Moammar Ghadafi was appointed leader by the tribes and he immediately gave the people the land they had been working as slaves. He also raised Libya to the most developed country in Africa and brought his people out of darkness to learn and understand what it meant to be free, to live, to learn to achieve. All of this was of course destroyed by NATO and their phony false flag revolution in 2011.

The Libyan people have responded to the Italian Ambassadors blatant disrespect and disregard for their sovereignty by peacefully taking to the streets. They demand that the Italian ambassador be removed from Libyan soil and warn that this imperialist action will do nothing to help Libya forget the crimes Italy committed against their country in the past. The legitimately elected government of Libya put out a formal statement:


9 August 2018:


"The International Co-operation and Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives (HoR) has denounced the remarks made by Italy’s ambassador to Libya,
Giuseppe Perrone, regarding Libya’s elections.

The HoR Committee, in its statement released yesterday, said Perrone had called insistently for Libya’s planned elections to be postponed and thereby breaking diplomatic protocol as a representative of Italy.

The Committee said it denounced what it considered as the interference in Libyan affairs, in Libyan sovereignty and an insult and infringement on Libyan people’s choices. It called for an apology and said
Perrone’s interference will have a negative effect on the current political process and on the Paris agreement (of May 2018).

Furthermore, the HoR Committee considered Perrone persona non grata and called for his replacement. It warned that Perrone’s remarks will cause damage to Italian interests in Libya and that they will
lead to the recall of historical and colonialist baggage that Libya is trying to forget.

The HoR statement stressed that Libyan sovereignty and the choices of its people are red lines and called on the UN, s the broker of Libya’s political process, to take a decisive stand on such interference.

It called on all international parties, without exception, to refrain from interfering in internal Libyan affairs.

It also called on the Libyan people to put aside their differences and stand united against external interference.

More statement's regarding Italy's arrogance and hypocrisy were made by other prominent Libyans, one such is Ahmed Ghadafi Al-Dam interviewed by an Italian journalists named Vanessa Tomassini.:


The cousin of the leader of the Revolution, Ahmed Gaddafi al-Dam, ambassador abroad during the period of Gaddafi and current leader of the National Fighting Front,
in this interview expresses his displeasure for the suffering experienced by the Libyan people because of Italian politics in Libya and the latest
statements by the ambassador Giuseppe Perrone.

- In recent days we have witnessed several demonstrations against Italian politics in Libya. What do you think?

"Unfortunately, Italian politics towards Libya is driven by an uncivilized mentality that brings with it the accumulations of the colonial era. We suffered and still suffer
today, despite what we have achieved with President Berlusconi, when we signed a bilateral agreement that was an honor for everyone until its last page. The most
important lesson we have learned is that colonialism is a failed project. We accepted Italy's apology and laid the groundwork for the future relationship. In 2011 our
country was bombed by NATO missiles and Italy broke its commitment not to attack. Today everyone pays the price of this choice, Libya has been destroyed and
we have entered countless problems. We have warned them, but instead of correcting errors, Italy's governments continue to punish us with the same spirit of colonial
fascism, believing that Libya may once again become an Italian colony, with the language of menace and contempt for all governments set up by NATO missiles. After
the martyrdom of Gaddafi there is no legitimacy for anyone. Italy has sent its warships, soldiers to Tripoli and Misurata and Jafra. The soldiers of the Libyan naval forces
will not forget the Libyan navy commander who prevented him from entering his office, although he was one of the traitors who had furnished the red carpet to receive the Italian fleet ".

- What does it bother the Libyans more?

"Italy has submitted a request for the purchase of land for military use, has even asked for some properties they claim to have owned during colonial rule and perhaps the last
psychiatric hospital in the center of Tripoli. This caused discontent and ridiculed the Libyans. I am sorry to say that our optimism in the new government of young people has vanished
and we have begun to think that Italy, 'which is the owner of a longitudinal hand', is negotiating its right with other countries. We have heard an extraordinary language of the Minister
of Defense and others. Perhaps the most recent is that of Ambassador Giuseppe Perrone who orders Tripoli from our government to defeat his decision to postpone the elections. Italy
will not allow it now. Some customers in some cities offer promises. These statements have also brought our young people to peaceful Libyan movements in the streets of the cities
after they have received confirmation of the Government's inability to respond to the humiliation and language of contempt used by the ambassador. I have already warned more than
once, I repeat: today's Libya is not that of 1911. 2018 will not be like in the past, these generations were raised under the mountain of pride of the Gaddafi period, they gathered and
prepared for a new dawn. These stupid policies bring back bitter memories. We do not forget it. Peaceful protests, white flags will continue to rise in all our cities and villages, until we
hear sincere apologies and a new ambassador does not make explicit promises appropriate to the agreement we have signed. I want to warn your ambassador not to ridicule the dozens
of young people who have come out to protest as they have already done. And I warn the Italian government that the days are going fast and what we can do together today, it may be too
late tomorrow, anything in today's Libya of weakness, humiliation and silence have days off. We have the potentialities, the alliances and we defend our right to life. I appeal to the Italian
people, friend and neighbor, to join us in order to prevent this blatant disappointment. Those who carry on this relationship will no longer be there tomorrow ".

- Mr Ahmed, why do you think Italy wants to wait for the elections?

"The fact that Italy wants to postpone the elections is another lack of respect for the Libyan people. This declaration or these orders do not help the Libyans. These items must be stopped.
We are human beings, we do not have a homeland because of your aggression of 2011 that led us to this miserable condition, we are not only barrels of oil and gas, nor a space to resolve
the conflict between nations. Where is civilization, security, values, the democracy of the United Nations in all this? I hope you will not forget that this small people has faced you alone in 2011,
I hope you will not forget the revolution of the conqueror in 1969, which did not expect all mines in Europe. For 42 years this country has controlled its resources and was a security wall in the
southern Mediterranean. He faced the invasion of the Gulf of Sirte and was leading the African continent towards the creation of the United States of Africa. Libya has opened the doors of good,
cooperation and peace with all its neighbors, until you attacked it in 2011 with NATO, without even declaring the state of war. He lasted 8 months with a rare value, an epic that must be taught in
history books, read and reread. I remember that the Italian government has sinned of vanity after the mandate of President Trump, but we are not a puppet to pass each other, we have seen in
past conflicts when the fleets that besieged us did not scare us, as when in the eighties the sea and the air clashed almost daily in the Gulf of Sirte. If you want to help us or work with us, these
methods and this language will influence the future of our relationships. I know they are painful words, but I want to get straight to you even if I know that the Libyan Foreign Minister has reported
on our position. I want to hear the Italian people friend and I will wait for your answer ... ". gaddaf-al-dam-si-rivolge-al-popolo-italiano-non-siamo-solamente-barili-di-petrolio-e-gas-stiamo-soffrendo%2F

Italy made an agreement with Libya before 2011 to pay reparations for the crimes they committed in Libya in the past. Berlusconi agreed to the terms because as he stated the profits from the cheap gas they get from Libya via the pipeline under the Mediterranean pays all the costs of the Italian government operations. Therefore, Italy was happy to agree to the terms of the agreement (to the reparations) and Italy also agreed to never attack Libya or invade Libya or intervene into Libya again. Of course Italy has broken all agreements they made with Libya . Now the Italians are quite worried about the Libyan people having an election on the horizon. Italy cannot afford for the Libyan people to vote their choice of leader, that person would be Saif al Islam Ghadafi, the second son of the great Libyan leader Moammar Ghadafi. After that election, the Libyans would once again be in charge of their country and they would be reconsidering any trust or advantages allowed to Italy.

Italy may have forgotten their crimes against Libya but the Great Tribes of Libya (representing all the the Libyan people) have not forgotten. The Khazarian Zionist NWO cabal may think they can rewrite history but they cannot erase the memories and crimes against humanity that have been committed against the Libyan people. The destruction, torture, theft and death committed by fascist Italy, and the same committed by NATO will remain forever in the minds and hearts of all Libyan people.

On a final note:
They made a great movie called "Lion of the Desert" about the criminal acts of Italy in Libya during the so called "Pacification of Libya" in the 1920's and 30's. If you would like to watch this movie, you will learn a great deal about the Libyan tribes and the crimes perpetrated by Italy in Libya. You can watch it free here: