January 1, 2014 More Missiles Fired on Libya

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There were more missile attacks on Libya January 1, 2014. The Al Watia base near the Tunisian border was again hit with a number of missiles. The source of the missiles is not confirmed but the general consensus among the Libyan people is that it is from the USA. Al Watia is a weapons storage depot for Islamic Extremists groups. The second missile attack was made near Sabratha west of Tripoli on the coast. This attack was made on a training camp for Islamic Extremists.

Second there is a report that the leader of Ansar Al Sharia (designated terrorist group) for Tunisia, Abu Iyadh whose real name is Seifallah Ben Hussein Mokn (see photo below) was captured in Misurata by US special forces on Monday December 30, 2013. Our sources inform us that Abu Lyadh had traveled to Sabratha and then on to El Sadadah (both locations of large Islamic Extremist training camps). After he left El Sadadah he traveled to Misurata where he planned to board a plane to Turkey. He was thus captured at the airport in Misurata. The US agencies have put out information discounting this story as have the Ansar Al Sharia group, but our sources have confirmed this story as true.

Question: Under what authority (Libyan or American) does the US have to put soldiers, mercenaries or Intelligence people on the ground in Libya? What right does the US have to bomb Libya or any other sovereign nation?