January 12, 2020 Libyan Ceasefire Failing, Terrorist Militias Continue Attacks

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The situation on the ground in Libya is hard to understand but after speaking with our tribal representatives and other Libyans in and near Tripoli, I will write down what was explained to me below:

1. Putin and Erdogan have caused the LNA leader, Khalifa Haftar, to agree to a ceasefire starting at midnight on Saturday/Sunday January 12th for 48 hours. This agreement came after a large amount of pressure from Putin who reached out to one of the main supporters of the LNA - the UAE. The full understanding of what and why this pressure worked is not really understood but many have speculated. Until Saturday the 11th of January, 2020, the LNA and Haftar had stated that there would be no ceasefire as long as there were terrorists occupying parts of Libya. This ceasefire came as a shock to most Libyans because the LNA is close to a victory against the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist mercenaries that have occupied Tripoli and Misrata since 2011 and have raped the country from every standpoint; never resembling anything close to a legitimate government.

Point to make here is why would Putin work with Erdogan? Erdogan is the home of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization and the strongest ally/supporter of the terrorists world wide. Putin knows very well that the Libyan National Army (the Libyan peoples army) is fighting terrorism and fighting to again establish a legitimate government with freedom for all. And as stated by the LNA and other legitimate leaders in Libya, there will be no negotiations with terrorists and we will not stop until our country is free the curse of the terrorist militias. As a result of this move, Putin has lost the respect of many Libyans who had hoped that he was one leader that understood the threat of Erdogan and his terrorist mercenaries in Libya. Also, many Libyans cannot understand why the LNA would agree to a ceasefire as the only ones who benefit from a ceasefire are the ones losing and that would be the terrorist militias.

Note: January 12, 2020 - The Libyan people have called for a boycott against all Turkish businesses in Libya.

2. Directly after the ceasefire, within one hour, the terrorist militia mercenaries began to attack the army on many areas of their stations inside and around Tripoli. This amounted to a complete breach of the ceasefire. https://www.addresslibya.co/en/archives/53087?fbclid=IwAR0t_kYSDZBJeG4RV... According to the terms of the ceasefire, the parties were allowed to defend themselves so the army has begun to do just that. As soon as the army began to defend themselves, the GNA terrorist militias put out a statement that the LNA had breached the ceasefire. This is their typical mode of operation, accuse the other side of what they are doing.

I have been told that the army continues forward but is still working with the ceasefire wherever possible. The LNA has made some formal statements from their general command:

Libya - The General Command of the Armed Forces confirmed its continued targeting of the enemy by air, indicating that its military units are advancing and
extending control of new concentrations in all axes, starting from the axes of the capital, through the axes west of the city of Sirte until the outskirts of Misurata.

The General Command stressed, according to its Military Information Division, that military operations will not end until the last root of terrorism and its support
within the homeland are uprooted.

It is noteworthy that the military units of the General Command are still advancing towards the town of Abu Qurain, southeast of Misurata, amid violent clashes
with Al-Wefaq militants, after they were able to liberate the city of Sirte

3. The Turkish terrorist mercenaries never had any intent to stop fighting. They refer to this ceasefire as their gift. They were losing and almost finished. Erdogan is painfully aware of losing his support once the GNA (terrorist regime) is eliminated. He is behind the ceasefire. This one point is why the Libyan people are outraged by the agreement to this ceasefire. Today the terrorists continue to target the LNA with drones and heavy weapons, they have brought in bus loads of militias being transferred during the ceasefire from Turkey to Libya (they were blocked before the ceasefire). Many Libyan families had begun to return to their homes in the parts of the Tripoli that was cleansed by the LNA of the terrorist occupiers. Now these new gangs of militias being brought into Tripoli by the GNA (al Wefaq) regime are setting up blockades to keep the people from reaching their homes. All this thank you very much Putin, it is what you get when you negotiate with Terrorists.

Note: It has been reported after the "failed" ceasefire there was a statement by Putin that the GNA radical terrorist regime should surrender their weapons and exit the capital. The cease-fire was meant to be in favor of the Libyan National Army (I have not confirmed this statement)

4. The leader of the legitimate Libyan Government in Tobruk, Mr. Aguila Saleh Issa traveled to Cairo today for a special meeting with the Parliament of Egypt because of the BREACH of the ceasefire by the terrorist militias. "Saleh told Extra News on Sunday that Tripoli militias breached the ceasefire, and that his visits to Egypt are part of attempts to resolve the Libyan crisis." Egypt reconfirmed their support for the LNA in the removal of terrorists and affirmed their willingness to support the Libyan people in the event of an invasion by the Turkish army. The Turkish parliament gave Erdogan the green light to move his army into Tripoli and other places in Libya in support of the unelected GNA illegitimate Muslim Brotherhood regime in Tripoli. https://www.egypttoday.com/Article/2/79573/We-may-need-to-request-Egypti...

5. The Libyan people are quoting everywhere their great Libyan leader Moammar Ghadafi as he had stated to many times that Libya is a sovereign country and did not need the interference or advice from any foreign power. They remind the world of the great advances in Libya during his time as leader and how the Libyan people had a share in the countries wealth, free medical (great medical), free education, fresh water, good food everywhere at fair prices and SECURITY. This is what they pray for in a new leader. They are greatly disillusioned by all their current leaders (GNA not included- they all hate this regime).

Khalifa Haftar is especially reviled. He was a traitor to Libya during the Chad wars in the 1970's and joined the CIA against his country. When the Chad war was lost, he was taken out of Africa to Langley, VA where he lived near and worked with the CIA against his country. In 2011, he was dropped into Libya by the CIA where he led the terrorist mercenaries (brought in by the CIA) to destroy Libya and it's legitimate government. A few years after the fall of Libya, Haftar changed his goals to "fighting" the terrorist mercenaries. The truth of this has never been fully accepted by most Libyan who remember him as a traitor to Libya. The reason he is leading the army is because no other Libyan was allowed to form or a lead an army by the west. Any other leader they would have tied up with lies and sent drones into kill. So, the great tribes of Libya were forced to hold their noses and allow Haftar (criminal and traitor) to lead their army. Until he had the support of the tribes all he had was a rag tag bunch of near do wells who fought terrorists but also were terrorists. Haftar will not have no leadership in Libya once the legitimate Libyans are in charge. Whatever the UAE did or said to force him to a ceasefire we may never know, but I would guess BIG MONEY. This is just one more reason for the Libyan people to dislike and never trust Khalifa Haftar.

As for me and my husband, being eye witnesses to the 2011 ILLEGAL destruction and take over of Libya , we make the following statements:

"Shame on the international community for attempting to steal this victory from the Libyan people, who have suffered death, untold hardship and devastation based on a false flag operation in 2011".

"Shame on the international community for calling the destruction of Libya a revolution, it never was."

"Shame on the international community for spilling the blood of a million legitimate Libyan men, women and children."

"Shame on the international community for effecting a financial war against Libya for more than 40 years and then stealing 500 billion in 2011."

"Shame on the international community for delivering a trillion dollars of damage to the country of Libya."

"Shame on the international community for bringing 250,000 terrorist mercenaries into Libya in 2011 and then allowing those radical terrorist mercenaries to take over the country, rob, rape and devastate Libya for 9 years."

"Shame on the intentional community for allowing/assisting Turkey and Qatar to supply and arm terrorist mercenaries to Libya for 9 years."

"Shame on the international community for debasing one of the worlds great leaders, Muammar Ghadafi, and ultimately assassinating him.

"Shame on the international community for effecting the appearance of an election in 2014, where the Libyan people elected their new leaders (who were not puppets of the international community) and then rejecting that legitimate government by INSTALLING their international terrorists (GNA Muslim Brotherhood) regime in Tripoli to continue the theft and destruction of Libya."

The international community has proven their illegitimacy by these actions. The UN has proven that it has no legitimacy, it violates every covenant afforded the members of the UN except those of their puppet masters.

How long until the world stands up against these blatant atrocities and crimes against humanity?