Khalifa Haftar, CIA Operative, Continues War Crimes in Libya

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The Toubou tribe of Libya resides in the deep south of Libya. They are a nomadic dark skinned tribe that has resided in Libya for thousands of years. They are a peaceful tribe and fully enjoyed their land and home under Ghadafi who supported all the nomadic tribes and gave them assistance, freedom and respect.

The Toubou tribes were aware that 2011 was a false flag criminal attack on the sovereign country of Libya and they stood with their Libyan brothers against the invaders. Because of this they have been targeted for genocide by the Zionist NWO cabal, just like the Tawergha dark skinned tribes located in central Libya.

In 2011, the Zionists owned media put out the lie that Ghadafi was bringing in mercenaries from Africa to fight the mercenaries brought into Libya by NATO. This was a blatant lie, but this lie was used by the NATO radical Islamic mercenaries as an excuse to destroy dark skinned tribes, their cities, their homes and kill their people. The genocide was horrendous and many mass graves exist today with thousands of black bodies, a war crime beyond imagining that the world turned and still turns a blind eye.

The Toubou tribes are more difficult to attack and destroy as they are more nomadic and have less centralization for the mercenaries and NATO to bomb. They are desert people, understand and live in the desert and cannot be routed out like those in cities. Moving forward to today, the Toubou tribes are still strong supporters of the great Jamahiriya of Ghadafi, they support the Libyan resistance that is fighting everyday against the radical Islamic mercenaries still holding parts of Libya hostage. This stance for a free Libya makes the Toubou a target of the criminals who would continue their illegal occupation and theft of Libya. Below is a famous poem/song of the Toubou tribes

A Libyan Toubou in Kuffra singing for Libyan Resistance

We are born here.
We live here.
We die here.
No to aggression.

No room for aggressors.
No room for invaders and imperialists.
Kuffra is not the place of aggression.

The people here detest aggression.
Yousuf was killed by the aggressor he went to join.
The aggressor knows no peace.
This is our land, the history of eternity knows us.

Our soul lives in this sand, this is our land.
We will never and not will compromise.

Khalifa Haftar, CIA operative and traitor to Libya is one of these criminals inside Libya. Haftar disguises who he is by alleging that he is fighting the militias and mercenaries to help Libya. This is all a ruse, he is there by the grace of the CIA, he spent 35 years of his life in the US near Langley, VA, home of the CIA. He was taken out of Libya in the 70's by the CIA whom he had joined to fight against his own country of Libya during the Chad wars. When they lost, he was spirited to safety by the CIA to the US. In 2011, he was dropped back into Libya by the CIA to lead their proxy army of mercenaries brought into Libya to destroy the country. After the country was bombed to oblivion and handed to the mercenaries, Haftar pretended to change sides and fight against the invaders (no one in Libya believe this). Haftar was appointed to lead the so called "Libyan National Army" by the Tobruk Government. The Tobruk Government is partially infiltrated with rats that take orders from the same place as Haftar, so they managed this appointment, against the wishes of many in the Tobruk Government and the Libyan tribes. Consequently, Haftar has NO support in Libya but he does have CIA support, so he receives money and weapons to foment the continued destabilization of Libya. He has very few in his army maybe 300 at the most. He takes a few detours and actually does cleanse a few areas to look good, but he organizes acts of terror, lies about Libya, acts of aggression on sovereign citizens, illegal prisons and attacks on the Libyan Resistance (those fighting against the occupiers for their country).

This brings us to the attacks on the Toubou. Haftar, thinking he is king of Libya, has demanded that the Toubou tribes of Libya, leave Libya en-mass. He has threatened to attack and kill them if they do not leave. Haftar is claiming (he is beyond contempt) that the Toubou tribes assisted and brought in African mercenaries in 2011. This is the Zionist (Khazarian Mafia) continuing their false flag lies of 2011. Haftar's masters at the CIA cannot have the support of the Toubou for sovereign Libya. All of Libya, all the people/tribes now want their country and sovereignty back. There is no support for the phony revolution. The only ones hanging on are the criminal militias in Tripoli and Misurata and the CIA troll Haftar. Their biggest fear is of the upcoming election. The Libyan people and all the great tribes of Libya along with the African Union support the candidacy of Saif al Islam Ghadafi. He will be elected and at that point the occupiers are finished as all Libyans will stand with him as he brings freedom and sovereignty back to their beloved Libya.

This article/report is meant to enlighten the world about the continued war crimes and racist atrocities being committed in Libya by the New World Order Cabal (Khazarian Zionist mafia).

We ask all the people of the world to stand against these kinds of war crimes and atrocities against humanity - stand with the Libyan people as they struggle against the evil that would destroy this world.

Toubou tribes
Beautiful Toubou ladies