Khalifa Haftar (CIA) Releases Terrorists From Benghazi Stronghold

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Khalifa Haftar, the CIA operative, terrorist and phony military leader has released a number of terrorists and terrorist leaders from his stronghold in Benghazi.

Under the guise of helping Libya clean the rubbish radical Islamists from their country, Khalifa Haftar captured a number of these radicals and placed them in his stronghold in Benghazi. Haftar was never on the side of the Libyan people but on the side of the US CIA and their promise to make him the dictator of Libya. This promise came with conditions, the first one was the he turn against his country during the Chad wars in the 1970's. When the CIA backed operation against Libya began to fail, Haftar was lifted out of N. Africa by the CIA and plopped down in Langley, VA where he lived well, funded by the CIA, until the phony "Arab Spring" in 2011. In early, 2011, Khalifa Haftar was dropped back into Libya to lead the 250,000 mercenaries brought into Libya to destroy the Libyan government, kill Ghadafi and destabilize the entire country.

After Libya was bombed into the dark ages by NATO and over 1/3 of the entire population went into exile, the radicals, mercenaries and puppets of the Zionists, placed themselves into leadership positions. These rubbish people, stole from the Libyan people, destroyed their food supplies, power supplies, internet, water supplies,blew up the airport in Tripoli, imprisoned thousands of men, women and children without cause and tortured many to death. This was with the help of Khalifa Haftar. At this point, Haftar was not appointed dictator of Libya as the Libyan people hate him for the traitor that he is, they know him well. So, a new strategy was hatched, Khalifa Haftar would start to fight the mercenaries and radicals and rats that he had led against Libya, this would in turn, ingratiate him to the Libyan people. The problem was that this was all a game, all an act towards his ultimate goal of becoming the dictator of Libya. But that did not stop him from being put forward as a savior of Libya by the CIA who arranged for him to meet foreign leaders in France, Egypt, Russia, Italy and other places. As Russia told him and others who showed up, there will be no negotiations about the future of Libya without the involvement of the Libyan tribes. Bad news for Haftar as the Libyan tribes have never supported him.

As time went on, Haftar gained only very small support in Libya and to his absolute horror, Saif al Islam Ghadafi (Ghadafi's second son) was released from the Zintan tribe and completely exonerated of any war crimes by the legitimately elected government in Tobruk and given full amnesty. This meant that Saif could run for president of Libya in the 2018 elections. There is not a snowball's chance in hell that Haftar could win an election in Libya especially against Saif al Islam Ghadafi. Obviously, Haftar's dream of being dictator was fading so he began to show his true colors again. He openly began to support Libyan traitor rats, radicals and mercenaries. He began to use his meager army to kill anyone who was against him, he began to work with terrorists planning many acts of terror to continue the destabilization of the MENA region. He destroyed voting places in the east to try and stop the voters in the upcoming 2018 election. All acts of a desperate small minded psychopath, a man who cares nothing about Libya only about his own ambitions. His two criminal sons are actively involved in his crimes.

His latest underhanded crime is to open the gates of his stronghold in Benghazi and release about 8 top terrorists. These men immediately made their way to Derna, the main terrorist city in Libya.

Haftar is attempting to have his cake and eat it too. He wants the world and the countries surrounding Libya to think that he is indeed a humanitarian. That he is only working to help rid his country of terrorists. Nothing could be farther from the truth. He is actually funding, arming and training terrorists now. He and his sons are working against the peace of North Africa, they are working to maintain fear, hopelessness and control.

This article is a TOP URGENT message to all countries that touch Libya. Beware of Khalifa Haftar, he is not what he seems, he is a terrorist, he is funded and armed by the CIA, he has no concern for human life. He is working with the terrorists inside and outside of Libya. Take heed, do not trust this man or any person associated with him.