The Kidnapping of Ahmed Abu Khatallah NOT the Ring Leader

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The kidnapping of Ahmed Abu Khatallah from Libyan soil yesterday was orchestrated by the Obama administration to put up a smoke screen and take the eyes of the US population off the multitude of scandals and illegal activities of the Obama administration. The Obama Presidency is sinking quickly into a quicksand of lies and the American public is more awake everyday.

Understand this, Ahmed Abu Khatallah, was and is a well known terrorist. He is known for his involvement in the attack on Chris Stevens the night of September 11, 2012. He has been residing in Benghazi since the NATO attack on Libya and he is not hard to find. The Obama administration could have picked him up months ago but Obama was not in such a scandal mess then (coverup was being counted on) and Congressman Trey Gowdy was not hot on the trail of breaking open the corruption inside the Obama White house.

So, as usual, Obama and his minions pulled a high card out of their play deck and sent US forces onto the soil of a sovereign nation to pick up a known terrorist. Do not misunderstand me, I am very happy that a terrorist is gone from Libya but why stop at Khatallah? The US government has proof of hundreds of known terrorist criminals residing in Libya. I know this because I have personally passed the information via the Libyan Tribes to the Defense Intelligence Agency, the FBI, the FBI Terrorist Task Force and the CIA. This information was passed well over a year ago, nothing was every done. And it should be noted that Khatallah has been speaking to news agencies ever since the attack, not hard to find...

There is another disturbing factor in this kidnapping and that is the invasion of a sovereign nation without prior notification to that nation. The Pentagon tried to say that they had notified Libya, this is a lie. Granted there is no effective government in Libya but they do have acting defense and security ministries and there are always the great tribes of Libya and their security council and leaders who represent all the Libyan people. According to the Tribes of Libya, no one not even in the puppet government was notified of this invasion onto Libyan soil. The US did pick up a terrorist but in the end, if Obama has no respect for any sovereign nation then he has no respect for any rule of law. This point is very dramatic and has many other countries angry at the willful lawlessness of the Obama administration.

The Libyan Tribes have stated to me today that this man, Khatallah, was NOT THE RING LEADER of the attack on Chris Stevens. He was there, he was one of the leaders on the ground. One of the reporters who interviewed him said this man could not plan his own escape out of a paper sack much less a sophisticated attack. The tribes told us that he was "lured" out to the country by the US troops or FBI where he went without question and was taken at that point. Leaves some questions in your mind as to his ability to be a "ring leader".

The real ring leader is a man called Ishmael Sallabi. Ishmael Sallabi is a member of the LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) formed by the notorious terrorist, Abdulhakem Belhaj. This terrorist group is well known for fighting against the US in Afghanistan. Ishmael Sallabi is free, he has not been picked up by any US troops secreting themselves inside Libya. One has to ponder why Khatallah was picked up and not Sallabi? If I were to attempt a guess, I would have to say that Sallabi most likely has inside information as to the real agenda and the real people behind the attack on Stevens and if he were captured, well, he could cause the fall of a lot of powerful people. So, take the 2nd or 3rd or 4th in line and this guy gives you credibility but no damage as he was never let in on the real truth.

In the end, Obama and "what difference does it make?" Clinton are making a pitiful attempt to free themselves of the Benghazi scandal, not ever going to happen, they will never slip that noose, they are the perpetrators of the crime and they will pay.