Latest Media Lies About Libya

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The latest media lies about Libya are targeted at Russia. Why?

Libya is destroyed, a failed state but the natural resources of Libya have always been the target.

The reason for the fake news (lies/propaganda) is to make Russia appear to be supporting criminals in Libya.

The person the media state Russia is supporting is Khalifa Haftar. Khalifa Haftar is a CIA puppet. Under no circumstances would Russia ever support a CIA puppet and the knowledge of Haftar's masters is well known everywhere.

Two major publications have reported these lies. Another proof of collusion of the mainstream media. The Publications are as follows:

1. Breitbart - "Forces Loyal to Russia-Backed Strongman Haftar Kill Civilians, Raze 100 Homes in Libya"

2. The Telegraph - "Russian mercenaries back Libyan rebel leader as Moscow seeks influence in Africa"

Understand this if nothing else, Khalifa Haftar is a terrorist hand puppet of the CIA. He is a thief, a liar, a thug, and a traitor to Libya. He threatens legitimate Libyans daily and uses the NSA listening equipment (brought into Libya in 2011) to target any Libya who speaks his name. Khalifa Haftar would not ever be supported by Russia. This lie has been perpetrated in the mainstream for years. Now they have stepped up their game and have stated that Russian mercenaries are in Libya supporting Haftar at the behest of the leader of Russia. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Great Tribes have confirmed to me everything that I have written.

Libya has lost their country to terrorist thugs, their infrastructure has been destroyed, their wealth has been stolen and continues to be stolen. They have had one million Libyans killed and yet the media, run by the Khazarian mafia New World Order, continues its attacks. It is the assets and geographical location that they would own. The ruination, destruction and death of Libya and her people are just acceptable collateral damage to achieve their evil agenda.