Libya Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Great Al Fateh Revolution

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September 1, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Great al-Fateh ("the Conqueror") Revolution in Libya, a bloodless coup that forced out the old despot "puppet" king of Libya. This so called King was appointed in Libya by the UK and was the puppet of the US and UK. He did nothing for the people of Libya; he knew of their suffering, he knew of the poverty, he knew of the slavery of the Libyan people by Italy and their oppression by the same. Yet, this so called king, was a puppet of the imperialists and took his money, pleasures and perversions without shame. NOTE: the average Libyan salary during this time was 60 dinars a year - Libya was one of the poorest, least developed country in Africa.

When the biggest 11 tribes of Libya came together to overthrow the puppet king, the only despot just ran off and the coup was complete.

The Libyan tribal leaders picked Moammer al Ghadafi as the new leader of Libya. There were many reasons for this; Ghadafi was well educated (at home and abroad), he spoke more than one language, he was well trained in the military and other areas, he was very charismatic and very clever. It is important to understand that the Libyan country and people had been occupied and ruled by foreign countries for the majority of its entire history. Libya is an ancient and tribal culture and it was important that they picked someone to lead them that could communicate with other country leaders, understand how to develop their country bringing the Libyan people and infrastructure into the 20th century.

Ghadafi understood the issues of his country very well. He understood the imperialist occupation of his country was not acceptable, he immediately pushed out all the British, Italian and US occupiers and he gifted the land that the Italians had occupied to the Libyans that had been working the land as slaves. He nationalized, banks and oil and began to share the countries wealth with its people. He began to build schools, hospitals, airports, roads, agriculture and helped the people in every manner possible.

Of course the western imperialists were appalled that any Arab country would not follow their lead and would kick them out. They were shocked when Ghadafi stood up against them, standing with the oppressed Palestinians and creating the Arab league of nations. As a result of his refusal to be the imperialist puppet, there began a campaign of lies and propaganda against the great African / Arab leader. They made him responsible for terrorist acts that they (the CIA/MI5) committed such as the Lockerbie disaster and other acts of terrorism. The world bought into the lies and illegal embargoes were placed against Libya and her people.

What the world did not understand was that the Libya people and Ghadafi are against radical Islam. (Ghadafi emancipated women in the 1970's, women were not required to dress in any special way and were doctors, lawyers, military, entrepreneurs, homemakers, etc.) Perhaps only 4% of the Libyan people are radical Islamic terrorists and thank you very much Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, NATO and the UN, these terrorists have controlled Libya (with the help of foreign intervention by Turkey, Qatar, the UN and others) for the past 8 years under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood. Now all the terrorist leaders are millionaires and billionaires made so by stolen Libya money.

Left to live in a failed state controlled by terrorists the Libyan people have suffered for 8 years, deprived of security and many times of water and electricity. More than 2 million have lived in exile and close to a million are dead since the 2011 NATO invasion all based on the "need to save the innocents" LIE.

Finally, the Libyan peoples army came together last April, and joined by the military forces from many tribes began to cleanse their beloved Libya of the Muslim Brotherhood, GNA terrorists and other criminal gangs. Hope has finally arrived for the Libyan people and they rejoice this hope by openly celebrating across their country the 50th anniversary of the Great Al Fateh Revolution that brought to them their beloved great leader Moammer Al Ghadafi, their green Flag representing the great Jamahiriya that brought to them a wonderful life sharing in the wealth of their country. They celebrate the return of their security and their freedom from terrorists and puppet (unelected) illegitimate governments.

I am posting below, many videos and photos passed to me by the great tribes. These are videos from all over Libya of the Libyan people in the streets celebrating the anniversary of their great revolution. This is the first time since NATO invaded and destroyed their country in 2011 that they have had enough freedom to celebrate the proudest day in their history; the day they gained control of their own country for the first time in their thousands of years history. Below you will find a video of some of the accomplishments of the great Jamahiriya during its first 40 years.

God bless all legitimate Libyans, God bless Moammer al Ghadafi, God bless the great al Fateh revolution, God bless the green flag, God bless the great Jamahiriya, all these representing the best of life for the Libyan people and their hope for a new, free and secure future.