Libya: Final Statement of the Tarhuna Conference

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The statement of the great tribes of Libya concluded at their meeting in the Libyan city of Tarhuna on February 19th, 2020.

The closing statement of the General Forum of Sheikhs, notables and dignitaries of Libya, which was held in the city of Tarhuna, 88 km southeast of Tripoli, Thursday evening, stressed the non-acceptance of any results of dialogues outside Libya unless it was returned to the Libyans, calling on the international community to withdraw its recognition the Presidential Council and any body that was not approved by the House of Representatives, the legitimate representative of the Libyan people.

Summary of Points from the Statement:

Libya is an independent, sovereign, and united democratic state.

All laws issued by the House of Representatives are enforceable in all matters relating to amnesty, prohibiting the formation of illegal bodies and extremist terrorist entities and repealing the law on political isolation, emphasizing the activation of such laws in areas that refuse to apply them and respect the laws of the existing legislative body in the country.

Comprehensive national reconciliation is the basis for building the future relations between the Libyan people in restoring national cohesion, healing and reparations to create social harmony and ensure the unity of the state and its institutions.

Rejection of all organizations, formations and bodies with extremist ideological beliefs that pose a threat to the unity of the national state and the preservation of its borders.

Emphasizes the adherence to the democratic approach decided by Libyans in the way they govern the country and the adoption of a consensual constitution that guarantees the fulfillment of the wishes of the Libyan people in line with the teachings of moderate Islamic Sharia and the guarantee of state sovereignty.

Ethnic and cultural diversity is of the nature of human law and Libya is no exception, and the historical relationship based on respect, peace and marriage between the Libyan people guarantees the permanence of this relationship on the basis of equal rights and duties as provided by Libyan laws. Without prejudice to the nature of any cultural component that enjoys the legal affiliation of Libyan nationality until 2011 and does not accept the imposition of any components that are not collected by religious affiliation and Libyan nationality to participate in any dialogue.

Emphasizes the non-acceptance of any outcome of the existing dialogue between Libyans, including the forthcoming Geneva dialogue under the supervision of the United Nations, unless they are returned to Libyans as any outcome of these dialogues concerns them.

The Libyan tribes call on the United Nations and the international community to withdraw recognition of the so-called Presidential Council and Supreme State Council that the Skhirat Dialogue has produced without adopting its legitimacy from the House of Representatives and consider it as if it had not yet been recognized, having continued to introduce terrorist organizations and to kill Libyans with Libyan money and asking that they be tried for the crime of betrayal of the country.

Libyan tribes announce their adherence to the legitimate Libyan National Armed Forces from the Libyan Parliament, based in the city of Tobruk and the forces supporting them, have mercy on the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives, and pray to God for the speedy recovery of all the wounded, and demand the international community lift the ban imposed on arming the Libyan army.

This statement is a tribal authorization for the armed forces to begin a speedy resolution of the battle on the ground to eliminate all militias that have wreaked havoc on the ground.

Emphasizing on resisting all forms of external invasion, foremost the Turkish invasion and its supporters, and rejecting any agreements that pose a threat to Libyan national security and working to mobilize all Libyan people in shaping the roles of jihad under the leadership of the armed forces to confront this danger, without accepting any dialogue or truce before the departure of all the invading and mercenary colonial forces from Libyan soil.

The Libyan tribes stress the necessity of filing legal cases before the international courts against the countries that caused the destruction of the Libyan state, especially the countries of Qatar and Turkey.

All Libyan tribes and components affirm the continuation of the decision to block oil fields, ports and refineries until the Libyan people can form a national government capable of preserving the only source of livelihood for Libyans.

Emphasizing the necessity to put an end to the tampering with the financial institutions of the state, headed by the Central Bank of Libya and the Foreign Investment Company, which constituted a serious waste of the state’s financial savings as a result of the militia’s control of it and the mismanagement of these institutions.

The Libyan tribes call for urgent measures to be taken against the representatives of the so-called Presidential Council in all Libyan embassies abroad, led by the illegal representative of the UN Presidential Council and calling for him to be tried for his involvement in the UN’s claim to legalize the entry of mercenaries into Libya.

The Libyan tribes and components announce the formation of a Council of sheikhs and notables of Libya and consider it the legitimate and sole representative of all Libyan tribes. The tribes and social components in all Libyan cities, villages and rural areas are the safety valve for establishing the rules of social peace and are the first guarantors of a stable democratic civil state.