Libya Retakes Oil Ports from Radical Mercenary Militias

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Today the Libyan National Army took back control of the ports in Libya's oil Crescent. This puts Libyan oil ports back into the hands of the legitimately elected Tobruk House of Representatives (the Libyan people). Last week saw 2 ports fall to the criminal mercenaries attempting to hold and control Libya against the will of the Libyan people. The mercenaries (all part of Murabitoun) who had been controlling the ports were scattered and chased deep into the desert.

Second, in Tripoli today, there has been fighting between the Misurata militias (all part of the newly formed Murabitoun) and the people of Tripoli. All the people of Tripoli are backing the fighters of the people who are working to cleanse their city of the criminal militias who have been abusing Tripoli and her people since they were given control in 2011 by the illegal war of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I have posted some photos of the fighting in Tripoli below.

This is a short update from on the ground in Libya - the good news is that the Libyan's are now feeling strong (because Clinton and Obama are gone) and they are working to free themselves of this terrible virus that was put into their land by the force of NATO...illegally.