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Last night June 22, 2017, all over the country of Libya, people took to the streets to show their support for the one man they trust, Saif Al Islam Al Ghadafi. The Libyans know that Saif, like his father, HATES radical Islam, HATES terrorism and will bring the Great Tribes of Libya together to free Libya of the terrorists and bring security and peace back to the Libyan people. The terrorists currently occupying Libya WITHOUT the support of the Libyan people do this because they are supplied money and weapons by the Khazarian Mafia Zionists (New World Order) who created the false flag used to destroy Libya in 2011. The last thing these Zionists want is for the Libyan people to take their country back. The last thing they want is for a great leader, loved by the Libyan people - another Ghadafi - to lead Libya. Libya has been the front for the criminal New World Order Globalists to run their arms, money and mercenaries (proxy armies) into countries like Syria. Countries they do not control, countries that they wish to destabilize with false flag revolutions until they can take control and impose their evil agenda.

By a huge majority (85% +) the Libyan back Saif, they know him and they trust him. Libya is not a large country (approximately 5.5 million people after NATO), the people know each other and they know the Ghadafi family very well. It is not like the US or western European countries, the leaders know their people and walk amongst them. So, the Libyan people know Saif, they have known him since he was a baby, he is their brother and they love him. Unlike the puppets and extremists that were imposed upon them by Clinton, Obama, McCain, France, NATO, Qatar and the UN, the Libyan people and tribes do not trust, do not respect, do not follow or want these criminals in their country.

One last very big point here is the money and assets (gold, silver etc) that was stolen from Libya during the NATO invasion in 2011. There will be demands from the Great Tribes of Libya for the return of the theft of close to 500 billion dollars that was under the control of the Federal Reserve and the EU. There will be demands for the approximately 179 tons of gold that was stolen and 2000 tons of silver that was stolen from Libya in 2011 (some witnessed by the person writing this article). The return of these assets will be a good start to the rebuilding of the multi-trillion dollars of damage done to Libya by NATO and the Zionists. There will be war crime charges against NATO, Qatar, France, US, UK, UN, Obama, Clinton, McCain and all other countries and organizations complicit in the illegal destruction of Libya and atrocities committed against humanity.

What was done to Libya in 2011 will come to be known as "The Libyan Holocaust"

The last hurdle for the Libyan people to come out from under the crimes of the Zionists, is to remove Saif from any list at the ICC (International Criminal Court). Please understand this clearly: Saif has broken no laws, Saif has committed no crimes against humanity, these charges are completely bogus and as usual those who put the charges forward are those who actually committed the crimes. The international community must stand with the Great Tribes of Libya (representing all the Libyan people) and demand that all charges be dropped against Saif Al Islam. The ICC is controlled by the same people who blew up Libya so it will take the force of the people of the world to effect this demand. Please stand with the Libyan people as they have suffered too long, their time is now and we stand with them.

Please see the photos and videos from yesterday all over Libya people supporting Saif all over Libya, Sabah, Bani Walid, Rigdaleen, Aljelet, etc. The video is Sheik Ali Al Lahwel (supreme leader of all the tribes) telling everyone in Libya that the tribes will stand with Saif as leader to clean their country of the dogs and terrorists to bring their country back to peace and security. There is one next to last photo of Saif, underneath it is written in Arabic: "Give Saif Al-Islam half an hour on air. Let's hear the voice of a man in a country where for years we will hear nothing but barking dogs"