Libya Taking Back Her Sovereignty

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The past few weeks have seen many changes on the ground in Libya.

In order to give a good explanation of what is happening on the ground in Libya, I must return to the beginning of the destruction of the sovereign country of Libya by NATO, Clinton, Obama, the UN and others in 2011.  The destruction of Libya was created by a false flag operation, there was no revolution in Liibya. What there were was 250,000 terrorist mercenaries brought into LIbya by NATO to cause chaos using crimes against humanity and war crimes all of which were conveniently blamed on the great Libya leader, Moammer Ghadafi.  NATO used it's unfettered force against Libya and her people against the UN resolution and against all international laws, creating draconian war crimes against the Libya people and their country.  The 60,000 bombing sorties against Libya destroyed not only over a trillion dollars of infrastructure but also destroyed water supplies, power supplies, agricultural areas and more. All of this bombing in civilian areas is against the Geneva convention and the NATO embargo of food, medicine, water and gasoline to Tripoli is considered of the highest war crimes. 

After NATO destroyed the country, the democratically elected House of Representatives and the General Secretariat of the Tribes (2 houses making up the Libyan government) were destroyed and NATO/UN installed their radical Islamic criminal puppet regimes.  These regimes were made up of radicals, NOT supported by the Libyan people (less than 4% of the Libyan population is radical). Nevertheless, this regime was forced upon the remaining Libyans as over 2.5 million had fled Libya for to save their lives.  These regimes were held in place by so called "militias". Militias in Tripoli are gangs of weapon carrying thugs who roam the streets, taking what they wish from any person, raping the women, killing people, torturing and imprisoning those they do not like (a bit like the old west).

It was decided to reorganize a government in Libya there must be a country wide election.  So, in 2014, under the auspices of the UN there was a country wide election in Libya.  This  election threw out all the radicals (Muslim Brotherhood, LIFG, Al Qaeda types) and installed Libyans that had been elected by the people into a new "House of Representatives".  Of course terrorists do not conform to any rule of law so when they were thrown out of their positions they immediately attacked those people who had been elected. They burned their homes, killed their families and terrorized them. The newly elected House of Representatives was forced to remove itself from Tripoli to the eastern city of Tobruk and set up their government in that city.

The UN not being happy about the election, decided in all it's "great wisdom" to invent a government for Tripoli and brought together a group of radicals (Muslim Brotherhood and Libya Islamic Fighting Group LIFG) in Tunisia where it wrote a document called the Skhirat (December 2015) agreement and they went about demanding that the House of Representatives in Tobruk sign this agreement.  This agreement was never accepted by the HOR or the Libyan people, but that did not stop the UN. With the help of the radical group LIFG and a criminal terrorist named Belhaj they sneaked the group into Tripoli and the minute their feet touched ground, the UN recognized them as the legitimate government of Libya and deemed them the "Government of Nation Accord" (GNA). The man they put in charge is named Serraj and his claim to fame to be a leader is that he sold furniture. HIs real credential was being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and his family originated from TURKEY.

The GNA had a 2 year mandate which ended in December of 2017. At that time, they were to hold country wide elections and put forth a new constitution.  NONE of the mandates of the Skhirat agreement have been carried out by the GNA.  They have overstepped their authority in every way possible, stealing from the Libyan people, giving billions to Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood, making treaties (not allowed under Skhirat agreement), hiring mercenaries to support their illegitimate regime and bringing in Turkey and Qatar weapons and military to fight against and control the Libya people and their assets.

During the past few years the Libyan army began to come together, working with the great tribes of Libya. The Libyan people understood that they would never be free and have their sovereignty back as long as the GNA regime sat in Tripoli. They also understood that you cannot negotiate with terrorists and radicals. Something the world seemed not to understand as it turned a blind eye to the atrocities and crimes against humanity committed against Libya by the GNA and their terrorist mercenaries.  Each tribe contributed to the army and it began to grow, the LNA became the people's army.  The HOR made Khalifa Haftar the titular head of the army even though, Haftar is CIA and played a major role in the destruction of Libya.  This was a decision, I believe because Haftar was supported by the CIA and most likely at that time the only Libyan who would be allowed to grow an army.  I believe that most Libyans had to hold their noses and look the other way when this happened but they did it to begin the path out of their enforced occupation by radicals.

The LNA (Libyan National Army) continued to grow in strength and cleansed most of Libya with the exception of Misurata (home of major RATS and radicals who worked with Hillary Clinton to destroy Libya), Tripoli and some suburbs in the west.  In April of 2019, the LNA entered Tripoli to cleanse it of terrorists, remove the GNA and create a country wide election for a new government by the people.  The LNA had good success for quite a while and as they came closer to ending the GNA, the radicals began to bomb civilians and attack homes, blaming it on the LNA.  The world stepped up and said we need peace talks to save the Libyan people.  So there was a Libyan summit held in Germany in September of 2019. The big problem with any such conference is there is no voice for the Libyan people. Haftar does not speak for the Libyan people and certainly the unelected criminal Serraj does not speak for the Libyan people.  All the media has slanted their news against the LNA which is the Libyan people's army. Forget Haftar, the army is with the tribes and people of Libya against the illegal occupation of the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey.

** NOTE: one of the biggest problems facing the Libyans is the continued recognition of the GNA regime in Libya by the UN. The GNA was not elected and is openly run by radicals and it's so called mandate ran out in 2017. If the UN would REMOVE this illegal recognition the GNA would be forced to leave.

The German conference came to the conclusion that there would be a ceasefire and no more weapons or mercenaries would be brought into Libya. Of course, the minute the LNA stopped fighting the terrorists rushed in and began to attack them. So far in Libya, the GNA mercenaries and their Turkish/Qatarian military supporters have NEVER stopped fighting, there was NEVER a ceasefire. The EU was supposed to set up a watch called Irini to stop the illegal weapons and mercenaries from flowing into Libya. Lots of good words but no application.  The terrorist mercenaries and weapons of mass destruction continued to flow into Libya at an alarming rate, no one said anything.

Getting up to the present time now; during the past few weeks the world has been watching the fighting and the UN has demanded the LNA and terrorist mercenaries to stop fighting.  The LNA has continually warned the UN and the world if they stop fighting and leave their ground in Tripoli, the Libyan people will suffer from crimes against them by the terrorists of the GNA.  This fell on deaf ears, and as Turkey was continually bringing in ISIS leaders, 40,000+ terrorists from Syria an Turkey, tanks, drones and other weapons.. (paying the terrorists with LIbyan funds given to Turkey by the GNA), the LNA decided to pull back. They said there is no reason to be slaughtered by Turkey so that Turkey can recreate the Ottoman empire in N. Africa as the world did nothing.

As predicted, when the LNA pulled back, the GNA terrorists stormed into the city of Tarhuna near Tripoli (Tarhuna was helping fight against the terrorists) and they destroyed the city. They stole everything they could get their hands on, they burned homes, buildings, cars, killed people at random, even dug up graves, in one of the heinous crimes against humanity ever seen. ** There is below a declaration by the LNA regarding the crimes in Tarhuna

Just like that, the world was outraged, many countries demanding investigations and charges placed in International criminal courts. But, on the other side of the isle, Turkey was shouting it's victory and bragging about how they and their cohorts (GNA, Qatar) were going to take all of Libya.  They would soon be storming Sirte (home of Ghadafi tribe and some large oil reserves) hanging the Turkish flag and then on to Benghazi where they would march on the town, hang their flag and lay out their demands of ruling Libya. Don't forget Turkey is home of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile up steps Egypt and their great leader, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.  Egypt having had trouble with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group and trouble with Turkey (Ottomans) will never stand for Turkey and it's terrorist brotherhood to own and control Libya, the country on its border.  President Sisi commands the largest army in Africa and has the power to step into Libya at a moments notice.  So, there was an urgent meeting of the top people of Libya and Egypt in Egypt.  Aguilla Saleh, leader of the legitimate government of Libya (HOR) and Khalifa Haftar titular head of the LNA.  President el-Sisi drew up the "Cairo Declaration" on Libya.  It is a peace agreement stating that a cease fire will be held and all illegal mercenaries and terrorists and foreign occupiers will leave Libya so that there can be a country wide election to form a new government and leader. 

The Cairo Declaration for Libya was put out to the world and immediately had the backing of the UN, US, France, Italy, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Algeria just to name a few.  The declaration was presented to the GNA, Turkey and Qatar who all immediately turned it down.  President el-Sisi has moved thousands of his troops and weapons to the border of Egypt and Libya. He has warned Turkey that Egypt will not allow Turkey to take Libya.  He gave Erdogan and the GNA a deadline to agree and that has passed. 

PLEASE NOTE - you will see in the news media that Haftar is a warlord this is a LIE, you will see that his troops are militias this is a LIE. This is PROPAGANDA against the valiant Libyan fighters who are military men of the Libyan National Army. fighting to free their country of terrorist occupation.

Starting yesterday, with help from many friends, the LNA began to target all Turkish and terrorist mercenary sites in and around Misurata, they came in under stealth, the Turks could not see them and they took back many areas. They destroyed and captured Turkish weapons that by the way are weapons of NATO. Misurata was with no electricity last I heard, Sirte is with 10,000 LNA troops to protect it.  Two Turkish submarines off the coast of Libya have been disabled and will be taken by the Egyptian army out of Libyan waters.  The Egyptian army is now standing behind the LNA and they are a HUGE force.

The LNA is back in force and supported now by many friends who actually understand that there can be no negotiating with terrorists and illegitimate regimes of terror.

God bless the great Libyan National Army as they fight for their country and its people's sovereignty. The Libyans have overcome much and they will acheive their freedom and sovereignty.  Any foreign nation that supported the illegal destruction of Libya in 2011 should be stepping up now to help Libya regain its freedom and security.. taken away in 2011 by those same countries.

  ** there are 2 videos loaded below, one of the victory of the LNA (Tawergha tribe) and another of the LNA forces, they may have the same photo on the front but they are different videos .. still have some issues with my site

Statement about the War crimes by GNA terrorists in Tarhuna