Libyan Army Closes in on Tripoli, Belhaj Runs to Turkey

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We finally can report excellent news.....

The Libyan army is closing in on Tripoli, they are doing a great job in cleansing the rats, terrorists, radical Islamists and other criminals.

The radical Islamists that have controlled Tripoli by force since last August, are now jumping ship like the RATs and "chickens" that they are. The worst of them - Abdulhakem Belhaj (Al Qaeda leader and terrorist) who had been controlling the Mitiga Airport in Tripoli, bringing in weapons and mercenaries for ISIS, Al Qaeda, Misurata and other criminal gangs, has fled the country for Turkey. The commander of the Libyan Shield, Wissam bin Hamid, one of the main players in the Benghazi attack and the killing of Chris Stevens is running along behind him to Turkey. Of course, they take with them billions of stolen Libyan money. Their plan is to continue to run operations for ISIS (most of the radicals in Libya have joined that cabal of terrorists) from Turkey. They promise to bring in huge amounts of money to Turkey to support their criminal activities. No one in Libya cares about their plans, they just say "good riddance to bad rubbish". The Libyan tribes know how to deal with such criminals, once gone they will lose all their control because they only had paid mercenaries who have no interest in whether Libya is free or secure, they work for money and they are not planning on dying so they will run away too.

Erdogan the leader of Turkey is fully supporting these psychopaths and terrorists. The world seems to have turned a blind eye where Turkey is concerned and the fact that NATO has its headquarters in Turkey now shows exactly where the Zionists (who control NATO) stand . They stand with their criminal army (ISIS). Bad news for them, the world is waking up to their false flags and criminal activities. Innocent people by the millions have died due to their evil undertakings and the world will stand by no longer. They are all on notice, their end is near and they are all "acceptable collateral damage".

As for the Libyan Tribes, we congratulate them and stand with them as they take back their beautiful country from the demons that were forced upon they by the illegal war of NATO and the western imperial Zionists.