Libyan Streets Friday February 7, 2014

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The US puppet government of Libya continues to crumble.

Like their brothers and sisters in Egypt, the Libyans are taking their country back from the US Puppet Government installed by NATO and the Islamic Extremists, The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia and all other evil that has put into their country by NATO. The Libyan people have suffered for almost 3 years now since NATO destroyed their country and left them under the control of the NATO Al Qaeda mercenaries.

Today over 60,000 Libyans took to the street in Tripoli and substantial numbers all over the entire country in other cities. They demanded the removal of the puppet Prime Minister Zeidan and the GNC (General National Congress) because of their complete failure. They also require the removal of all Islamic extremists from their country. The last couple of weeks some of the members of the GNC have been resigning and trying to running off with their tails between their legs (they know the criminals they are). The Libyan people are refusing to take part in the running of the government and any city offices until the complete removal of the GNC.

Below is the list of names that resigned (earlier today) their position as Members of GNC (General National Congress) - AS DEMANDED BY THE LEGITMATE CITIZENS OF LIBYA

1 - Tawfiq Shuhaibi .. Tobruk today
2 - Ibrahim Ghiryani .. Benghazi a week ago
3 - Touati Alaadh .. Since the duration of the infidels
4 - F Sayeh .. Jafra today
5 - Abdulsalam text .. Zintan today
6 - Dr. Mohammed Alpetro ... Zintan today
7 - Zainab Shetty ..... South today
8 - Secretary Hassan ... Since the duration of Misrata
9 - Taher McNee Altbawi ... Murzuq today
10 - Fariha Khalifa Barkkawi .. Today tuber
11 - Abdalsadeg Alsoadq Alchloi .. Tobruk today
12 - Salah Badi ..... Since the duration of Misrata
13 - Abdel-Moneim Louhichi ... Since the duration of Benghazi
14 - Mohammed Suleiman al-Badri ... Biar today
15 - Ahmed bin Suweid ..... Benghazi today
16 - emigrated Qaid ... Tripoli today
17 - Abubakar Abdulkadir Alrajabana ... Alrajaban today
18 - Key Hnbur ...... Sirte today
19 - just Crchara .... Surman Today

لاسماء التي استقالت سابقا و اليوم وهو موقف مشرف أنصياعا لأرادة الشعب:
1- توفيق الشهيبي .. طبرق اليوم
2-أبراهيم الغرياني .. بنغازي منذ أسبوع
3- التواتي العيضة .. الكفرة منذ مدة
4- جمعة السايح .. الجفرة اليوم
5-عبدالسلام نصية .. الزنتان اليوم
6-الدكتور محمد البيترو ... الزنتان اليوم
7-زينب شتي ..... الجنوب اليوم
8- حسن الأمين ... مصراته منذ مدة
9- طاهر مكني التباوي ... مرزق اليوم
10- فريحة خليفة البركاوي .. درنة اليوم
11-عبدالصادق الصويدق الشلوي .. طبرق اليوم
12-صلاح بادي ..... مصراته منذ مدة
13-عبدالمنعم الوحيشي ... بنغازي منذ مدة
14-محمد سليمان البدري ... الابيار اليوم
15- احمد بن صويد ..... بنغازي اليوم
16-هاجر القايد ... طرابلس اليوم
17- أبوبكر عبدالقادر الرجباني... الرجبان اليوم
18-مفتاح شنبور ...... سرت اليوم
19-عادل الشرشاري .... صرمان اليوم

Another event for the dirtbag media to pay attention to is that the “people” of Libya physically threw Al Jazeera and Al Arabia news agencies out of Tripoli. They told them they are sick of their lies. This is something the people of the world and especially the US could learn. The western media is compliant with the lies and as you can see nothing is being reported about what is happening in Libya and if reported will be reported incorrectly.

Afrigate is reporting that the tribes of Libya will not let the members of the GNC travel outside or inside of Libya they are being stopped at the airports and on the way to the airport. They are required to resign by both audio and video if they want to leave. The puppet prime minister Zeidan was in Malta and returning to Tripoli when all of a sudden his plane was required to return to Malta (Malta is 25 min from Tripoli). These rats are all so brave when NATO and the US is behind them but alone they are the worst kind of cowards.

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