Libyan Traitors, Khalifa Haftar (CIA) and Fayez al-Sarraj (UN) Continue Their Lies

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The two most visible and corrupt personalities in the Libyan landscape are the UN puppet Fayez al-Sarraj, head of the UN appointed GNC (Government of National Accord) and the so called "Leader of the Libyan Army" CIA puppet Khalifa Haftar.

One major point here:
The Libyan people (represented by the Great Tribes of Libya) do not stand with or behind either Sarraj or Haftar, all the blather in the media about either one of these men is FAKE and being spewed out by the New World Order Cabal of Khazarian Bankster owned media. The same evil group that illegally invaded and blew up Libya in 2011.

How it stands now in Libya on the ground is that Sarraj has only a few corrupt militias that work with him along with many radical Islamic groups mainly the LIFG and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Haftar has NO support and very little so called army. He makes no bones about letting his gang of "soldiers" steal from people and abuse the civilian population. He has no support in Libya. What he does have is FEAR, the Libyan people are afraid of him, he is a ruthless KILLER. He has access to the CIA/NSA phone listening devices in Libya and he uses it to track and destroy anyone who is against him. He is an evil strongman and he too works with terrorists, radical Islamists and has himself committed acts of terrorism.

There are reports of Haftar cleaning the South of Libya (being a Libyan hero) nothing could be farther from the truth. The Libyan tribes of the south are using their own people to fight the terrorists who came in from across the Chadian border to rape and steal.

What the media would like you to believe is that now in Libya, Sarraj and Haftar are fighting each other. NOT TRUE. These two work together to continue the control and abuse of Libya and her people for their Khazarian masters.

Time to tell the truth, this will break the tie of evil sitting upon beautiful Libya.