Libyan Tribes Gather National Support for 7th Brigade and End of Militias

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Saturday, September 15th, 2018. Libyan Tribes gather to support the 7th Brigade (legitimate Libyan Army) and give 3 days for UN government in Tripoli to disarm and remove all militias in Tripoli and remove all militias from control of prisons.

This information and article below confirmed by Libyan Tribes

National Gathering of Libyan Tribes and Cities Affirms Support for the 7th Brigade, Calls for Disbanding Militias Within 3 Days
Agha - Tarhuona

The General Meeting of the Libyan Tribes and Cities, which started on Saturday from the city of Trhuna on the support of the Seventh Infantry Brigade and all the entities that worked to support him in the face of the armed militias that control the sovereign institutions in the capital Tripoli, called the government of reconciliation formed from the West 3 days from today Saturday to resolve those militias.

The final statement of the meeting, which was delivered by Abdul Rahman al-Baraki, one of the dignitaries of the municipality of Tarhouna, demanded the handing over of all equipment and weapons of the armed militias to the official bodies of the state, and the referral of those involved in all crimes committed and violations to the competent investigative authorities.

He also stressed the delivery of prisons under the control of armed militias to the official competent authorities of the state.

The Forum announced its rejection of any arrangements or security measures that would delay the dissolution of any armed entity or militias in the capital, stressing that Tripoli is the capital of all Libyans.

It also called on the tribes and cities to form a joint force of the army to protect the capital under the presidency and one leadership, calling on the United Nations support in Libya to work seriously in all files that work to support security and stability in the country.

And called on all the people of the elements involved in the armed militias to return to their families and leave everything that would sabotage and destruction in the country.

He also stressed that the solution of all the crises in Libya to resolve the militias, declaring their support for the military and the return of all its soldiers and officers.

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