Libyans Celebrate, Saif Al Islam Ghadafi Announces Candidacy for President of Libya

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The great tribes of Libya have confirmed to me personally that Dr. Saif Al Islam Al Ghadafi, second son of Moammar Al Ghadafi will run for President of Libya in the upcoming Libyan election in 2018. This announcement was reported in a number of media outlets,

The people of Libya by a great majority support Dr. Saif and consider him the only legitimate Libyan candidate running for President in Libya. Also, the African Union has come forward in support of Dr. Saif as the next President of Libya. The Great tribes of Libya are working with the African Union to bring forward peace, security and prosperity back to their country and they openly state that the only way back to peace is through an elected leader that the people of Libya trust and who will bring them together as a country. Saif Al Islam Ghadafi is that person. They also point out that there will be an election of a new House of Representatives before the Presidential election. All will be taking place in 2018.

The tribes of Libya are working hard to accomplish an election affording as many legitimate Libyans as possible a chance to vote. In that respect, Libyans now living in exile are encouraged to register to vote in the upcoming Libyan election inside the countries where they now reside in exile. The tribes of Libya have arranged this and already hundreds of thousands of Libyans in exile have registered to vote. The Supreme leader of all the tribes, Sheik Ali Alahwel is actively working to bring about an election in which as many legitimate Libyans have a chance to vote as possible.

The Libyans are very hopeful for the first time since NATO destroyed their country in 2011.

The Great tribes of Libya, representing all legitimate Libyans, are putting together a strong mandate to bring peace and security to Libya, so that all legitimate Libyans forced into exile by the criminal, terrorist mercenaries occupying their country, (put there by the US, the UK, NATO, the UN, France and others) will be able to return home. At that time, the illegal occupiers will be expelled and the Libyan people will regain their sovereignty.