Libyans Proclaim: The Future of Libya is in Our Hands!

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The Libyan People's Army, also known as the LNA has refused to sign any agreement that benefits the terrorists militias of the Tripoli illegitimate GNA regime and their Turkish masters at the expense of the Libyan people. As published below:
LNA: We Will Not Sign Any Document Favoring Militias at the Expense of the Libyan People
January 14, 2020 Libya

An official source at the General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA) revealed early on Tuesday the reasons for not signing the ceasefire document in Moscow. It stated that the most important of these reasons is Turkey’s intention to utilize the agreement as a tool to impose itself as a signatory and party in Libya to legitimize the concluded MOUs signed between Ankara and Tripoli.

[Libya, 14 January 2020] – It also said that Turkey is attempting to legitimize the parallel parliament in Tripoli as a new legislature that contests the authority of the sole and elected Libyan House of Representatives (HOR), and its objective is to break up the social component grassroots that support the Libyan National Army (LNA).

The source confirmed in an exclusive statement to Al-Marsad that Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan National Army (LNA) and his accompanying delegation had already left Moscow early Monday night and there would be no signature on any document at the expense of what the source described as “the sacrifices of the heroes and the aspirations of the Libyans to achieve salvation from militias,.” It also said that the LNA General Command delegation will not accept signing anything that prevents the LNA from exercising its duties in restricting the monopoly of arms to the military and security apparatuses of the Libyan state, and enforcing law and order in the country.

Regarding their position on any ceasefire initiative, he explained, “we are open to any initiative that preserves Libyan lives, and based on eliminating terrorism, disbanding militias, and returning to the legitimacy of the people within a Libyan-Libyan framework, revealing that their desire collided in Moscow with the agenda of Turkey’s special political and economic interests at the negotiating table, in exchange for the acceptance of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA) and the Chairman of the advisory High State Council (HSC) of the cease-fire document on the existing fighting front lines in favor of Turkey’s interests in Libya and the region and not for the welfare of the Libyans.”

** You will see a formal statement in Arabic below this article, it is a statement from The Libyan National People's Movement. It states the same and more as the article above. The Libyan army will not stop until all terrorists are removed and it will remain in occupation to assure no more terrorists remain or attempt to re-enter. There will be no agreement signed unless the agreement states that all militias hand over their weapons to the army and along with the GNA - leaves Libya. The army will follow no other agreement they work for the Libyan people and they understand the desire of the people of Libya they will answer to no other.

To understand what is happening in Libya is very simple: "Libyans are fighting to cleanse their country of terrorists, this is NOT a tribal war or a CIVIL war"

1. There is a UN installed (without vote) regime called the GNA in Tripoli led by a man named Fayez al-Sarraj. He is Muslim Brotherhood and most of his regime is family and friends all Muslim Brotherhood. This so called GNA was supposedly put in place by an agreement called the Skhirat agreement because it was formed in Morocco.(2015) The Libyan people did not agree and even the elected government disagreed yet this group of radicals were brought into Libya by boat by the dark of night and immediately the UN recognized them as the legitimate government in Libya without any Libyan acceptance. Because they had NO support in Libya they immediately began to work with the terrorist militias that occupied Tripoli and Misurata and other places in Libya. With the help from the countries of Turkey and Qatar, they armed and grew (from outside) the terrorist militia forces.

The Muslim Brotherhood GNA has never once acted like a legitimate government. They began by creating a "High Council of State" as their advisors. This High Council is made up solely of radicals and terrorists and has No more authority in Libya than the GNA, yet they bark out orders to the Libyan people demanding their allegiance. The GNA has access to the Libyan Central bank and steals money for their own interests (Sarraj just purchased himself a $53 million dollar home in London) and offers nothing in the form of social services,re construction, security to the people of Libya. They have never acted like a government, they are a terrorist run mafia - funding their terrorist militias with stolen Libyan money. They are fully supported by Erdogan with mercenaries and weapons as Turkey is the home of the terrorist organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood.

2. The Libyan people represented by the Great Tribes of Libya had no choice but to remove this illegitimate regime in Tripoli in order to regain their sovereignty and security.

Now understand this, the UN who recognizes the Muslim Brotherhood regime (GNA) in Tripoli as the Libyan government, has EMBARGOED the Libyan army and the Libyan people from having any weapons to fight for their country against terrorist occupiers. This criminal embargo was put on in 2011 when NATO was destroying Libya by bombing it into the dark ages with over 60,000 bombing raids. However, the GNA continues to bring in terrorist mercenaries and arm them with full knowledge of the UN. The UN has called for this to stop but not only do they do nothing but they continue to recognize the GNA Muslim Brotherhood regime as the legitimate government in Libya even though their mandate (phony Skhirat agreement) ran out 2 years ago. This is part of the illegitimacy of the UN. Why would any Libyan ever listen to or respect the UN?

3.During this time, the Libyan National Army was slowly being formed by the other "Elected" government in Libya in Tobruk, previously known as the HOR (House of Representatives) but now call themselves "The Libyan Government". This elected government by the Libyan people in 2014 was forced out of Tripoli directly after the election because the Libyan people did not vote for any Muslim Brotherhood radicals. The elected people of the HOR were openly attacked, their homes, burned, their families kidnapped and their lives threatened by the terrorist militias of the Muslim Brotherhood. Consequently they were forced to move to Tobruk in the east of Libya to open their government. Again, the corruption of the UN, who conducted oversight of the 2014 election in Libya did absolutely NOTHING. The leader of the Tobruk government is a man named Aguilla Saleh Issa. The problem with this government is that it has no power to implement anything in Libya. A new election should have occurred 2 years ago but because the "chosen ones" of the UN (Muslim Brotherhood) would not be elected, there was no election.

The Tobruk government appointed Khalifa Haftar as head of the Libyan National Army. Most Libyans were very upset about that because Khalifa Haftar is a proven traitor to Libya . As I have stated many times, Haftar joined against Libya in the Chad wars (1970's), he envisioned himself the new Ghadafi. When his side lost, he and his buddies were flown to Langley to stay and serve the CIA. Haftar carries a US passport as well as a Libyan passport. He was dropped into Libya in 2011 to lead the 250,000 mercenaries of NATO to destroy and take over Libya. Some time later, Haftar supposedly had a change of heart? and joined the fight against the mercenaries he had been leading (but this was long after the fall of Libya) For the first year or so (after he was appointed to lead the army) , Haftar led a ragtag group of men of a couple hundred who made almost no headway in cleaning Libya and there was much talk about the criminal activities of his little group.

As time went by it was obvious that Libya was continuing as a failed state and terrorists were in control with nothing changing. Khalifa Haftar went to the Libyan tribes to solicit their support to clean the country and eventually enter Tripoli and Misurata with a real army to clean the terrorists from Libyan soil. The tribes made an agreement with Haftar that they would grow his army with their armies (all tribes had their own armies to protect their people from the terrorists) and support him fully but he had to agree to a full country election and it was agreed that he would not be the military leader of Libya after the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Tripoli. The great tribes of Libya fully understood that they would never be allowed to form their own army as the west was allowing and supporting the failure of Libya via terrorists. But they knew that Haftar was CIA and had worked for the west and they would probably allow him to grow an army as he was one of theirs. So, the Libyan tribes held their noses and moved ahead, their goal was gain their sovereignty and after that the rest would be handled.

Note: Many times there had been negotiations as demanded by the UN and others to bring the country together but there was no negotiating with the terrorists, they gave up nothing and refused to hear from any legitimate Libyan.

After 8 and 1/2 years of struggle the Libyan people finally saw their army rise to clean their county, to bring them back their security and their sovereignty. As the battle moved forward slowly and slowly because the army was attempting to protect the innocent civilians that were being use as shields of the terrorists. Regardless of this and of much propaganda put out by the GNA terrorist mlitias attempting to tag the legitimate army as a group of gangs (which is exactly what they are) the army moved forward. As they moved ahead more and more armies from the tribes came forward to join them. A couple months ago it became obvious that the GNA and their terrorists were not going to keep their position. They had NO support from the Libyan people.

4. Losing, Sarraj reached out to his master Erdogan to help him maintain his illegitimate position in Libya. He had tried to meet other country leaders in an attempt to get them to back him and to go against the army as he claimed he was the legitimate government, he was flatly rejected. Failing that, he and Erdogan made a couple of illegal Memorandums of Understanding (which Sarraj had no authority to sign). One was changing boundaries in the Mediterranean Sea and giving Turkey access to many countries resources such as gas and oil under the sea. Of course this is illegal and many countries including Greece have protested and stated that this agreement is not legal. The second part of the MOU that Sarraj signed with Erdogan was the invitation and the right of Turkey to bring its army to Libya and fight the army to keep the GNA its place, in effect forfeiting the title of Libya to Turkey and the Libyan people have charged Sarraj with high treason. Once this was affirmed in the Turkish parliament, Erdogan stated that he would move the Turkish army to Libya, establish a military Governor in Tripoli and start the remaking of the Ottoman Empire.

5. After Erdogan exposed his real intentions, every country surrounding Libya said that they would stand with Libya against the invasion of Turkey. Erdogan in all his hubris, went to Tunisia and Algeria requesting the use of their airports and military areas to use as staging points for his invasion of Libya. He was turned down by all countries. He then launched his navy towards Libya but Greece and Egypt put their Navies in harms way to block him. Erdogan next began to transport a large cadre of terrorists from Syria to Libya further implementing his invasion plan. He had been doing this all along but he now began to increase the numbers of mercenaries and large ships loaded with weapons into Libya.

6. The Libyan people were irate that Erdogan would try to invade their country. They rose up, they brought more and more fighters to their army in Tripoli and encouraged them to move forward at a rapid pace to finish the terrorist militias and finish the Muslim Brotherhood regime of the GNA.

7. The Libyan National army moved forward at a rapid pace and in a special forces operation, took back the most important city of Sirte last week in 3 hours. Sirte, home of the Ghadafi tribe was horribly attacked by NATO with illegal weapons like fuel air explosives. Sirte had been occupied by mercenaries, terrorists and radicals since 2011. The terrorists knew the importance of this city to the Libyan people. So it was a big blow to them when Sirte fell. Sirte was reclaimed for the Libyan people in 3 hours. With the fall of Sirte that left the GNA Muslim Brotherhood with less than 2% of Libyan under their control.

8. The Libyan National army began to cleanse all areas around Sirte moving their way towards Misurata, the head of the snake. Home of the criminals who joined Hillary Clinton to destroy Libya. The army was also making great strides in Tripoli and the army put out a command that no ships or planes would be allowed into Libya now as they are full of terrorist mercenaries and weapons fed to the GNA by Turkey.

9. Sarraj now in a panic, contacted Erdogan to try and force an agreement with Haftar (titular leader of the army) to bring a halt to the forward movement of the army. Sarraj and Erdogan wanted not only a cease fire but they also wanted the army to withdraw. At this point Putin became involved speaking with Erdogan. The Libyan army had not agreed to withdraw and Putin later confirmed that Sarraj had agreed to have the terrorists pass their weapons to the army and leave Tripoli. So, Putin encouraged Libya to sign a ceasefire agreement. Haftar and Sarraj supposedly signed a ceasefire agreement in Italy. The ceasefire was to start at midnight Saturday the 11th and last for 48 hours. The ceasefire took effect and within one hour the terrorist militias broke the ceasefire. Consequently the army had to stand and protect itself. I should add that the Libyans people and the soldiers were very angry about this ceasefire for good reason. The only party that gained from a ceasefire are those losing and that would be the terrorists.

10. Now Putin and Erdogan became motivated to get something done. All parties including Aguilla Saleh from Tobruk were invited to Moscow Monday the 13th of January. Nothing came from the negotiations. Haftar left the table without signing anything. Haftar fully understood that if he signed anything with Sarraj that he would most likely not survive long in Libya. Since he is already a traitor, it is a short step to the end for him with the Libyan people.

For all who have not understood by now, the Libyan people have nobody speaking for them. Sarraj, not elected and a Muslim Brotherhood puppet - leader of the terrorist militias, has NEVER spoken for the Libyan people. Haftar is the titular leader of the army, he does not speak for the Libyan people much less the army. Aguilla Saleh Issa (Tobruk government) does not have the confidence of the people and even though a lot of what he says is correct he does not incite the trust of the people especially after many years of mostly silence - he is not a great spokesperson.

The Libyan people are so angry at the western countries having meetings about the fate of their country while they have no voice. Mainly though they are angry that these countries dare step forward and think that the Libyan people would ever listen to them or have anything to do with them. For example, Germany who is hosting a "Berlin Conference" regarding the fate of Libya when it was Merkel who laughed and congratulated the US on the assassination of Ghadafi. Don't ever think the Libyans will forget the huge crime committed against their country and who was involved. They regard the negotiations as illegitimate and they will not listen to any recommendations of any country involved in the destruction of their beloved country.

And Turkey being at any negotiation regarding Libya is absurd. Erdogan has made his intentions clear, he wants to own Libya. He wanted to invade with his army. Whom ever allowed Turkey to come to the table to negotiate a peace in Libya has already destroyed the legitimacy of any negotiation. Erdogan (Turkey) have been involved in the destablization of Libya since the beginning and continue that to this day. Any involvement of Turkey is a slap in the face of the great Libya martyrs. More asinine is the fact that Erdogan believes that if he is a signatory of any peace agreement that it will legitimatize the illegal MOU's he signed with the Sarraj regime. These activities of Erdogan prove the inbred dementia of his ego.

The other bone of contention for the Libyan people which should be glaring in the face of every person, is that Sarraj and his terrorists bring NOTHING to the table. In a negotiation both sides must put something on the table to negotiate with. Sarraj gets his supposed legitimacy from the UN and that ran out 2 years ago, meanwhile the people of Libya never recognized him in any form. The Libyan peoples army holds all the cards. Sarraj has no cards period. The army is a few kilometers from cleansing Tripoli and a few kilometers from taking and cleaning Misurata. What can Sarraj offer? Why would a winning team give the other side anything? Why would the Libyan army with victory in site give anything to the other side? The army has stated any agreement must have him leaving and taking his terrorists with him (handing over their weapons to the army), that is all he has to offer. Still, Turkey stands behind Sarraj's GNA attempting to blackmail countries to force Haftar to sign some agreement. The absolute ridiculousness of this is that Haftar has no ability to sign an agreement, sign or don't sign, the army will not follow him, they follow the people of Libya who demand them to finish the occupation of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and bring their country back its sovereignty. Haftar is an army leader not the leader of the country and the army has let him know that if he signs anything he will cease to breath.

What we are watching now is the circus of international politics. Each country attempting to bring their importance into the light of the world, intruding their proverbial noses into a country that does not need or want their input. In this case, the idiocy and hypocrisy of all of this talk of a truce or ceasefire is striking. As for the Great Tribes of Libya representing all the Libyan people, they tell me, pay no attention to the world and its words, we will decide how to clean our country, we will take back our sovereignty. They fight for their great Al Fateh revolution, for their great leader Moammar Ghadafi, who gave them their lives, their dignity their freedom and their sovereignty.

"The world doesn't understand the system here. The authority of the people. You don't understand it." Muammar Gaddafi

"Even if there comes a time when you do not hear my voice, do not give up! do not despair. Do not stop fighting for your freedom, until you have victory!!" Muammar Gaddafi