Libya's Puppet Government Fears Over Throw by Ligitimate Libyan Leaders

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Telling Article by Alexandra Valiente of Libya 360

Libya's Puppet Government Fears Overthrow Following Ahmed Qaddafi's Media Appearance

During an interview with Ahmad Gadaffi Aldam, the cousin of Gaddafi, on the axis channel, Ahmed confirms that "Muammar Gaddafi, was a great leader and soon the world will see this."

Muammer Gaddafi's cousin, Mr. Ahmad Gadaffi was the 'former coordinator of the Egyptian-Libyan relations' of the media 'Riham Sahli', he said that prison made him a warrior and a chance to understand what happened and to read lots of information. He confirmed again that Muammer Gaddafi, was a great leader and history will see that he was a leader with great ideas, great philosophies and great dreams.

As he said in comments regarding the Al Fatah Revolution of September 1, was a great Revolution, it freed the Libyan people for the first time in their history and not ONE Libyan was killed.

Now the puppet government in Libya says - "The emergence of Gadaffi's cousin in the Egyptian media is an incitement to revolution". And they threaten to cut all diplomatic ties with Egypt if they ever let any Libyan espouse such views in their media. *See document below

It is important to understand that the response from Libya is brought about because of the real fear that they (the puppet government) will loose their power. They are not legitimate, they were put in place by force from outside in the form of NATO and the US. The Libyan people hate them and want them gone, they have no support in Libya today. Libya is a failed state with no security. Al Qaeda and The Muslim Brotherhood control the false government. When the cousin of Gaddafi was speaking on the media all the Libyans were listening. The people of Libyan know that Mr. Ahmed was imprisoned illegally in Egypt under the old Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood regime. They also know that the new legitimate government in Egypt "of the people" released Mr. Ahmed last week because there were no valid charges against him. All Libyans now pray to return to the Great Jamahiriya government started by their beloved leader Muammer Gaddafi under which they enjoyed safety, freedom and development. This is why the puppet government who has no control over the extremist militias, no development in the country and cannot even pump the oil is failing and has failed. They have much to fear. Soon they will see their fears realized as the Libyan people and tribes of Libya take their country back from these criminal Al Qaeda mercenaries and traitors.

See the article here - The article is in Arabic I have done my best to unravel the translation.