A Message of Thanks from Jimmy and JoAnne Moriarty for your Support and Generosity

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May 9th 2019. Personal Message from Jimmy Moriarty.

A special message of thanks to everyone in our extended family of Angels, Supporters and Well Wishers:

First and foremost I want to tell you’al how much your prayers/good wishes and generosity has meant to us. Our reason to have chosen to tell everyone that will listen, about the war crimes and atrocities we witnessed in Libya, because they are so abhorrent to us. That our own government could be doing these things in our names? We could not go silently into the night. Our “truth telling” has cost us everything we had; taken from us by our government. The evil that is Washington DC has tried to silence us, and then compromise us, and then tried to kill us. But we are still here, “telling the truth and shaming the Devil”.

We continue to speak out because of your prayers, encouragement and generosity. You help us pay all our bills; our utilities; gas for our car; you even put food on our table; help with our doctor’s costs and medicines. You are our lifeline. We cannot thank you enough. Knowing that good people hear us and understand the evil that attacked the Libyan people and many other countries…then attacked us and can attack you as well, helps us cope with our hardships. This link to you keeps us steeled to our task as truth tellers.

We are unique because we never worked for any government. We were never paid by any foreign entity to tell you anything. All our information is “raw intelligence” so it belongs to us and now to you. But this also eliminates us from all “whistle-blower protection laws”. We are alone in that respect, but you’al are with us. No entity can take that away from us. Believe me they have tried. This latest attack has been so hard on us because we are obligated to each of you to continue our work to expose everything that we saw as eye witnesses, in Libya and since then. JoAnne and I have always been problem solvers, but since our reversal of fortunes, we are limited in our attack capabilities. All our opportunities, to fight have been made possible by you. You keep us “boxing above our weight”. We are joyful knowing that we are causing the bad guys so much trouble. A small pleasure but very real for us.

JoAnne and I pledge to continue to do everything we can to expose the evils we have seen and documented. If you know that we are working for you and all the other Americans then we pray for you and respectfully request that you’al continue to pray for us and support us.

Thank you again. Jimmy & JoAnne

I am going to detail the latest attack, so you can understand how incessant their attempts to stop us are. We know that we are over the target because they have ramped up every evil possible against us: Last night at 10 p.m. JoAnne finally was able to get our “systems” in full operational mode. This has been a 6 week struggle trying to rebuild and repair the damage done to us by the US Intelligence Agencies or their minions. We now know that this little house was broken into and our systems were physically infected, because we took our damaged hardware to a friend who conducted military grade inspections and found: 4 terminally effective systems on JoAnne’s SSD; 2 each on both external drives, which permanently removed components from her mother board; then infected all other devices and/or software connected to them. One (lesser deadly) worm was found on my computer, which had been partially blocked by Kaspersky. These were not cyber attacks. They could only have been installed by physical interface. This B&E happened on the Friday before we released our entire Benghazi file via Patreon.com/JamesandJoAnneMoriarty. I

had a doctor’s appointment 75 miles away in Beaumont that day. We were away for 6 hours. Our dog Rufus, loves to travel, so he was with us. Upon our return I noticed my keystrokes were “in slow motion”. JoAnne’s computer (our workhorse) was suffering a myriad of irregularities and after about 80 minutes, she got the “blue screen of death”. We removed the Solid State Drive and formatted it. She attempted to reinstall all her software using an external Hard Drive, with a mirror image of her computer. This did not work. The next morning she again tried a complete wipe and again tried the backup mirror without success. A third attempt to reinstall all our software met the same lack of success. JoAnne then took the external drive tour tiny old bedroom computer, good only for streaming, and discovered that the drive had fatal problems. She went to the secreted, second external drive and attempted to us the mirror copy on it, with the same results. We drove the 12 miles to Wal-Mart and purchased a SATA to USB cable so we could test her SSD on the tiny computer. It showed to be destroyed.

A neighbor loaned us the money to order another SSD. In the mean time I was able to get my 12 year old, refurbished HP desktop to function, more or less. 4 days later JoAnne began to install our software using the original license disks, but the optical drive would not read them and after several attempts, we were forced to purchase an external optical drive. That unit proved that our software disks were missing files necessary to make the install function. This was true on all the disks we had used on JoAnne’s computer after the external drive failures, but before the new SSD was installed. Now we had to purchase new licenses with install disks. Some days later JoAnne began the manual install …but immediately discovered that the 3.0 USB port did not work. Further checking showed the DSL/RG45 port was not seen?; the WiFi and Bluetooth functions no longer were there. The Optical drive “slot” had only half of its wires linked to the motherboard. It was if those had been surgically cut. Her computer was made inoperative.

Our brother in law loaned us the money to buy a refurbished Laptop, with sufficient functionally to make our systems function. It arrives some days later and JoAnne began the manual install process, only to have the optical drive fail to open. She used the external drive, we had purchased and discovered so many abnormal pieces of software pre installed, so she stopped the process and contacted the seller. 3 days of his tripe about it worked perfectly, when it did not, I took it to a small computer repair guy in a small town near us. He turned it on and immediately found 4 separate windows open to outside ??? entities that could not be defeated. I boxed it up and returned it to the seller as DOA. EBay refunded 3 days later, the seller attacked us! We got the refund and ordered another refurb; from a different seller. 3 days after he received our payment, he cancelled our order without explanation.

The third attempt was completed by using a cousin of a relative, making a cash purchase in his name and then shipping to us. JoAnne began the complete install last Saturday. Anti-virus first installed even though it slows down all installs and updates. So many updates, to install, that it took 2 days to complete. The few glitches kept JoAnne in a constant state of unrest, because she was always looking for another intrusion. All our histories, contacts, files, documents and photos have been lost. So JoAnne has had to go to Google histories to try to recover the minimum files needed for us to continue. The last seller spent 4 hours with JoAnne yesterday to help her clean and streamline all the functions of this now working, refurbished, 8 year old, $300 Lenovo PC. JoAnne slept till noon; 12 hours. The first time, since I have known her, that she slept so long. 6 weeks of stress and distress from this attest attack on us has drained her completely!

Thank you again for your prayers and support! Jimmy