Misurata Man Controls Worst Prison in Tripoli and is a Drug Kingpin

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This is photo of a Libyan Mafia leader named Hytham Beet Al mal Al Musrati– the head of one of the worst prisons in Tripoli, he is also a drug kingpin and you can tell from his name that he is one of the original Misurata tribe that immigrated from Turkey to Libya – they were Jews that converted (supposedly) to Islam. This tribe was the home of the Turkish Mafia controlling 60% of all contracts in Libya. They kept Libya from building big ports and let only 1 large port at Misurata control all of Libya. They were caught with their hands in the till too many times and were under investigation so they immediately joined hands with NATO to destroy the Libyan government. They are now the worst in Libya, they train Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia and other radical Islamic groups in the art of terrorism. The Misurata militias are responsible for more torture and death than any other terrorists entity in Libya, including Ansar Al Sharia, Al Qaeda, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, etc. They hold thousands illegally in prison and have tortured thousands to death. They are now hated by 100% of all the other Libyan tribes.

Hytham Beet Al mal Al Musrati - Criminal in Charge of worst prison in Tripoli