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This is a GREAT DVD, 3 hours of videos, photos, presentations and graphic atrocities that we cannot publish (nature of the content) committed by NATO during the Libyan war.

1. Our live presentation of our story
2. Our Power Point presentation with photos, names and documents - our story in timeline
3. Our video of Libya: before and after NATO
4. Our Fact Finding Commission documentary about the NATO war against Libya
5. Video of Congressman Dennis Kucinich showing documented proof that the Libyan war was planned
6. Photos of "bad guys" in Benghazi during the war (private photos) John McCain, Chris Stevens - and Israel private document showing agreement with rebels
to arm and train in exchange for Israeli military base in the Green Mt area of Eastern Libya.
7. Proof, photos and video of weapons supplied to NATO Al Qaeda mercenaries via QATAR. The weapons are from USA/UK
8. Private videos of proof of US troops on the ground in Libya and CIA alongside (on the ground) the Al Qaeda rebels in Libya
9. Videos/photos of Libyan tribal meetings, and videos/photos of the Libyan people (2 Million) in Green Square supporting their government and Ghadafi (our videos and photos,we were there)
10, A video of our interview on the "Libya Talk" - this was taped in Tripoli while we were there in the summer of 2011
11. Videos and photos of the genocide of black Libyans - continuing to this day.
12. Our story of Sorman, our videos and our photos of the bombing of a private family in Sorman, Libya. WARNING - graphic photos
13. Videos and photos of the NATO bombing of Zlitan, a small city near Misurata Libya - the killing of innocent people. WARNING - graphic photos
14. WARNING*** This is all videos of horrible atrocities committed by NATO Al Qaeda mercenaries and rebels, These are very graphic videos - not allowed on YouTube. We interviewed the families of the people being killed and tortured in these videos,
15. A powerful power point presentation about the lynching of Ghadafi, the reasons behind, the real truths of Libya, Ghadafi and Africa. The author of this is Thierry Meyssan the founder of Voltaire network. He was in Libya during the war and we knew him, He is a truth teller, a journalist and a humanitarian.
16. A tribute to Ghadafi from Africa. This is a music video, beautifully done by one of the most famous reggae artist in Africa. You will enjoy it and it tells the story through the music.
17. Our contact information.

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