NATO bombs Children’s Center in Libya May 2011

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NATO bombs Children’s Center in Libya May 2011
We interviewed Ms. Naima Elsoiyah the Chairman of the High Committee for Children for Libya.
This children’s center was bombed by NATO in May of 2011 at around 1 or 2 Am in the morning.
This building held no military activities, hardware or communications of anytime. This building was on the list of Historical landmarks to be protected.
Ms Naima was visited by the UN inspectors to verify the education and vaccinations of the children of Libya. All records for the children, which was one of the highest for vaccines and education in the world were in that building. NATO bombed that building and destroyed all those records in toto, the early morning after the inspectors were in that building.
That building housed not only the High Committee for Children in Libya but also:

  1. Education and rehabilitation center for Downs Syndrome children
  2. Center for abused and battered women
  3. Center for crippled men
  4. Center for crippled women

The photo is of Ms. Niama, who developed a program to help the traumatized children of Libya. Many children were under severe distress from the constant bombing of Tripoli and other towns in Libya. Ms Niama’s program was led by PhD Psychologists and volunteer adults. We were witness to one of the classes. These trained adults were in charge of fun days at the beach for children who were suffering from bomb trauma. The syndrome included, no sleep, constant fear, bed wetting, no eating, and other post traumatic syndromes.
It should be noted that confirmed with many hospitals and through the prelate of the Catholic church in Libya, Bishop Martinelli, there are hundreds of miscarriages caused by trauma of the constant bombing by NATO. These lost babies are un-calculated deaths caused by NATO and fall under the war crimes act.