NATO War Crimes In Libya - Depleted Uranium Bombs - Horrible Deformities of Newborn babies

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Regarding this depleted uranium report below, we brought in the first sophisticated radiation detectors with us on our fact finding commission in May of 2011. The Libyans knew that depleted uranium was being used by NATO in their bombing raids and they were very concerned. There is no doubt that NATO/US broke every agreement imposed by the Geneva Convention. War crimes against humanity in Libya by NATO and its member countries is unmatched in the world. This is a crime beyond the wildest imagination, Libya was a naive country, no drugs, no AIDs, very few birth defects, very small number cancer patients - look at the evil left behind by the psychopaths of the one world order.

A new report by Human Rights Watch has expressed deep concern with the confirmed information of the use, by both France and Britain, of Internationally prohibited weapons on raids in Libya in 2011 under the UN Resolution 1973. 1973 authorized NATO to bomb sites for military yet there were 60,000 bombing raids against civilian targets, great man made river, hospital, hotels, homes, schools, power plants and on and on.

Human Rights Watch pointed out that those countries bombing Libya with NATO used cluster bombs with depleted uranium radioactive metal, for its ability to penetrate the concrete.

As a result of the saturation of agricultural crops , livestock and water sources that have become seriously polluted with radiation resulting in the appearance of grossly deformed Newborns in Libya as well as the Libyan citizens

In Libya now being recorded by the WHO (world health organization), the highest deformation in fetuses inside Libya and reached 23% of newborns and also the high incidence of new forms of cancer that were not known among ordinary Libyans and now amounting to 18% of the total of cancers that have been diagnosed by the organization's branch in Libya ,

Despite this serious health disaster countries involved with NATO are now demanding that Libya pay them one billion seven hundred million dollars for their help in toppling the Gaddafi regime. (This is beyond absurd, first they stole 500 billion of Libyan money in the EU and the Fed and used it destroy Libya with bombs laden with radiation. They destroyed the infrastructure, the government and left Libyans with terrorists in charge of their country, 2 million in exile and Libya should pay for this?? The leaders in these corrupt governments are so arrogant they think they can destroy a country and make that country pay for it - Libya already paid and paid - 500 times over).

Despite the fact that these weapons were originally intended for disposal and the US was supposed to pay for the disposal, they should be compensating for Libya because they used it (illegally) to get rid of dangerous weapons arsenal overflowing in storage with the British and French .