An Important Appeal From a Prisoner of February 2011 Terrorist Rebels

‏An appeal of a Libyan professor who has been imprisoned and tortured by the criminals that NATO and Hillary Clinton backed in 2011. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Libyans have been imprisoned and tortured (many to death) for the simple reason that they did not agree with the phony revolution and illegal invasion of their country. These are crimes against humanity that have never been addressed by any human rights groups or the ICC or any international organization. This is the great shame of the world and the hypocrisy of those that claim they freed Libya from oppression.

Update Libya: Foreign Mercenary Shot Down After Bombing Innocents - Libyans Demand Justice

The Libyan National Army is working to cleanse Tripoli and the surrounding areas (especially Misurata) of terrorist mercenary militias and are fully supported by all the Libyan people. These terrorist mercenaries were put into Libya in 2011 by NATO, US, UK , France, Italy, Qatar, Turkey and other countries supporting the illegal destruction of the sovereign country of Libya. These groups have been armed, funded and supplied (with more mercenaries) by the same groups that installed them by force in 2011.

Qatar Supplying Misurata Terrorists Against UN Seurity Council and the World

The criminal state of Qatar has flown into Misurata, military hardware, planes and mercenary pilots to support the terrorist militias against the Libyan people.

Where is mother Russia? Where is Egypt?

Past time to stop this criminal support of terrorists against Libya by the terrorist states of Qatar and Turkey.

Qatar has been stealing oil and wealth from Libya since 2011, they want to continue their rape of Libya.


The True Benghazi Story Revealed - Chris Stevens was Assassinated

We have been working with the Libyan tribes now since 2011. When Chris Stevens was killed, the tribes called us and stated that the perpetrators were in a certain hospital in Benghazi and the US could catch them if they would go to this hospital. We had no one to tell, no one was interested. The tribes later called back and told us that the perpetrators had shaved their beards and dressed in western closes, they were in cars (they described) headed to Cairo, they said the US could catch them on the road. Again, no one to call.

Against All Odds, Libyans Fight to Regain Their Freedom From Western Occupation

In 2011, an evil scheme by the Western Mafia of Khazarian Zionists (UN, NATO, US, UK, France, Qatar), began a false flag titled "Arab Spring". This scheme was developed to destroy one sovereign country - Libya. The reason behind this was many fold but mainly, Ghadafi had started a gold currency for Africa called the gold dinar. This gold backed currency was already started in the Comoro Islands and all Arab countries has signed up along with more than half of Africa.

UN Joins with Muslim Brotherhood and LIFG in Libya As Corruption Continues

The UN will sponsor a Conference in Ghadames, Libya next month. This is a ruse, nothing will come out of this conference that will benefit the Libyan people.

The reason is that the UN has joined hands with criminal terrorist organizations; the Muslim Brotherhood and LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group). They have included these groups in the conference in Ghadames and have EXCLUDED the Great Tribes of Libya who represent all the Libyan people.


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