The Only "Elected" Libyan Government (HOR) Demands UN “Usurper Regime” (GNA) Be Removed

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As per the Great tribes of Libya representing the Libyan people, the situation in Libya is as follows:

1. The so called "government of national accord" GNA in Tripoli is not recognized by the Libyan tribes or people as a legitimate government. It was appointed by the UN in Tunisia and was never accepted into Libya - only by the dark of night did it sneak into Tripoli in 2015 and was immediately recognized from OUTSIDE Libya as a legitimate government. The GNA (usurper regime) holds less than 2% of Libya and is held in place by the support of terrorist militia mercenaries. These terrorist mercenaries are supported, armed, funded by Turkey and Qatar. Without this terrorist support the GNA would be removed from Libya in 2 weeks and security returned to Libya. And it should be noted that the GNA has been given control of the Libyan central bank and all the oil money in Libya by the UN/US/NATO. The terrorist run GNA have been stealing Libyan assets and funds since 2015. They do nothing for the Libyan people who are in desperate need of hospitals, schools, water, food, fuel, etc. This regime steals the Libyan peoples money, funds their terrorist mercenaries, enriches themselves and their friends, bribe other countries using cash and illegal treaties and continues to support the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

2. The Libyan tribes representing all the Libyan people understand that they will never have peace and security in their country as long as the Muslim Brotherhood usurper regime remains in Tripoli with their terrorist militias threatening innocent Libyans and stealing Libyan assets. Therefore, the great tribes of Libya have come together in an unprecedented move to support their national army (LNA) to forcibly remove the illegitimate GNA regime, take back control of Libyan assets and set up security for a nation wide vote to create a new Libyan government of the people and by the people.

The LNA is led by General Khalifa Haftar, an extremely controversial person in Libya. Haftar is a CIA operative and took part in the fall of Libya by NATO in 2011. He was dropped in the Libya by the CIA and led the 200,000 terrorist mercenaries brought into Libya by the CIA to take down Libya. He supposedly had a change of heart and joined the other side against the NATO terrorists a year or so after the fall of Libya. The Libyan tribes fully understand that Haftar is not to be trusted and he is definitely not their choice to lead the LNA but they also understand that the country must be cleansed and no giant imperialist nation of the New world order would allow this to happen. For some reason, Haftar has been allowed to do this and the tribes understand the game so they have allowed that Haftar must lead the army if it is to be allowed to clean the country. No one should assume from this that Haftar will be the leader of Libya at anytime, present or future. There will be a country wide election and Haftar has agreed to this condition.

3. The usurper regime (GNA) in Tripoli is losing their hold on Tripoli (their last stronghold) and they realize that they will be ousted before long, losing their "golden goose". They have attempted to stop the advance of the Libyan National Army (LNA) by signing an agreement with Turkey. The agreement is a military one whereby Turkey will bring in their military to support the GNA regime against the Libyan people. Sarraj, the terrorist leader of the GNA is begging for Turkey to bring in tanks, drones, troops etc. The GNA regime has been supported openly for the past year by Turkish drones, weapons, bombs, etc. Turkish military advisors have been in Tripoli and Misurata for some years now. This agreement requested by Sarraj of the GNA is against international law but this seems to make no difference to Turkey or the GNA both puppets of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization. The LNA in response to this agreement by the GNA and Turkey has stated that any Turkish ship or plane landing in Libya will be searched for mercenaries and weapons and will immediately be destroyed. Also, the Egyptian leader, General al Sisi, has stated that Turkey will not be allowed to invade Libya with their army as this would effect all of North Africa. He stated that Libyans are the brothers and sisters of Egypt and Egypt will not allow the Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorists to own Libya or the Sudan. ""Note: Egypt has the worlds largest army.

The other agreement signed by Sarraj of the GNA is a Memorandum of Understanding with Turkey. ** note: Sarraj has no authority to sign agreements with foreign countries for Libya.** This MOU passes all rights the eastern Mediterranean sea to Turkey. Thus giving all rights to insitu assets (oil and gas) under the ocean. Of course the GNA has no authority to pass rights and entitlements of the Mediterranean to anyone. Egypt, Greece and other countries including the EU and US have stepped up and stated that they do not recognize the legitimacy of this agreement. In fact Greece has expelled the Libyan Ambassador. This is obviously a condition by Erdogan to continue his aid to the GNA regime. He has requested the UN to certify the MOU to give it more standing. This puts the UN in a box as their charter allows any 2 countries in good standing in the UN to create treaties between themselves.

4. The House of Representatives (HOR) the only duly elected government in Libya - housed in Tobruk, has openly criticized the MOU and has removed all legitimacy from it. They openly state that the GNA was never elected and its UN mandate ran out in 2017 so under no circumstances does it have the ability to sign agreements with foreign countries and it should be removed immediately.

5. The president of the HOR, Mr. Aguila Salah Issa, has sent a formal request to the UN to remove their recognition of the GNA regime as any legitimate government in Libya. Today Mr. Aguila has formally requested the world to remove all recognition of the GNA regime, as it is a terrorist run regime that is stealing money from Libya daily to support terrorist activities.

6. The LNA is making great progress against the terrorist militias of the GNA and moving forward towards the center of Tripoli. They have given a warning to the Misurata militias that they have 3 days to remove their militias from Tripoli and the city of Sirte or they will bomb Misurata and their militias in both cities until they are finished.

7. The terrorist regime of the GNA is putting out propaganda constantly. They accuse the LNA of using Russian mercenaries (while they are 100% foreign mercenaries) which is a LIE (confirmed to me by the Libyan tribes). They accuse the LNA of bombing immigrant holding camps - LIE (they are the ones who bombed the camps). They print that LNA is losing ground - LIE. They state that they shot down an LNA plane and captured the pilot - partial truth, the plane had a malfunction and the pilot parachuted out, the terrorists did capture him and are torturing him against all international laws. These crimes against humanity have been reported to the International Human Rights Commission in Geneva by Dr. Muftah Faraj, the head of the IHRC in Libya.

8. The LNA had effectively cleansed 95% of Libya from these terrorist militias. The Libyan people support their army in it's task to clean out the Muslim Brotherhood and their terrorist regime. The war against the terrorists that NATO/UN/US/UK/France installed to occupy Libya is coming to an end with all of Libya being cleansed.

My last comment to readers of this missive is to please understand this very important point.. "THERE IS NO NEGOTIATING WITH TERRORISTS". The EU and UN continually request all fighting to stop in Libya and to negotiate a peace. This can only be done after the illegitimate usurper GNA is gone. It has been almost 9 years now with 8 of those years used attempting to negotiate a peace that never came because you cannot negotiate with those who control by force and are stealing your country. I cannot understand where the minds of the organizations that demand Libyans negotiate with an illegitimate terrorist "self appointed" regime. The regime holds no authority to negotiate and is hated by 99% of all Libyans.

Victory and freedom for the Libyan people is coming and we stand with them in their fight for their country.