Over 70 Libyan Parliamentarians Issue 5-Point Communiqué Following Meeting in Cairo

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The only legitimate "duly elected" government in Libya is in Tobruk, known as The House of Representatives. This government has been virtually hidden from the world as the main stream media owned by the NWO Khazarians support their illegitimate Puppet government in Tripoli (GNA) appointed by them from outside Libya. The Serraj led- GNA (government of national accord) in Tripoli is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and supports the terrorist militias who are the cause of the failed state in Libya today. There is NO support for the GNA or the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya today.

Over 70 Libyan Parliamentarians Issue 5-Point Communiqué Following Meeting in Cairo
July 16, 2019

Libyan Parliament members who gathered in Cairo at the invitation from the Egyptian Parliament and the Egyptian National Committee charged with following up on the Libyan situation issued a statement today, a copy of which was received by Al Marsad following their three-day meeting in the Egyptian capital.

[Libya, 16 July 2019] – More than 70 Libyan MPs of the House of Representatives (HoR) paid a visit to Egypt during which they visited the Egyptian Parliament and met with the members of the Egyptian National Committee. The committee emphasized the importance of the role of the Libyan parliament and the necessity to ensure that any solution to the crisis should be through this body.

The meetings, led by the Egyptian National Committee on Libya, is part of a series of talks hosted in Cairo to bring together different Libyan parties for the sake of achieving stability and security in Libya. The committee invited Libyan lawmakers representing the western, southern and eastern regions of Libya.

According to the statement, the participants held several closed-door consultations to discuss ways to activate the work of the House of Representatives, in order to fully discuss the current Libyan crisis and ways to resolve it.

The council unveiled what had been agreed upon during these meetings and summarized in five main points, the first of which was the emphasis that Libya’s unity and sovereignty over all its territory is a red line that can by no means be relinquished.

The second was the emphasis that the solution of the Libyan crisis is through the Libyan Parliament as the sole legitimate authority elected by the people and its legitimate representative.

The third point was the emphasis on the civil status of the Libyan State, the preservation of the democratic track and the peaceful transfer of power in compliance with the constitutional declaration and its amendments, which govern the transitional phase in the country.

On the fourth point, the attendees reaffirmed the call on all the MPs who did not attend the meeting to complete the advanced discussions to resolve the Libyan crisis in a way that preserves the safety of Libyans and achieves stability, peace, social harmony and a return to peaceful dialogue under state sovereignty.

Finally, the statement emphasized that all what was presented would be completed in an expected session of the House of Representatives in a city to be agreed upon as soon as possible with a view to calling for discussing the formation of a national unity government and laying down a plan for the solution according to a schedule and clear implementation mechanisms.

At the end of the visit, the delegation of the House of Representatives renewed in its statement its gratitude to the Arabic Republic of Egypt as President, Parliament, the Government and the people for their hospitality and generous reception.

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