Patriot Whistleblowers Jimmy and JoAnne Moriarty in person in Garland, TX

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Please join us for this great event Sponsored by Activists For Truth

Monday, October 28, 2013
7:00pm to 9:00pm
Plaza Theater Downtown Garland
521 W State St, Garland, Texas 75040

Meet The Whistle blowers in person - Libyan War The Truth - They NEED our support!! This husband and wife are not "activists" they are business people..They know and understand Libya having been to Libya 17 times between January 2007 and May 2011.

Dr. Jerome Corsi will join the Moriartys for a vignette appearance via Skype.

Have you ever met Americans captured by Al Qaeda who escaped? Would you like to hear the truth about the NATO strikes in Libya and the fall of Ghadafi? Curious about the turmoil in Egypt & Syria and who is behind it? How about the facts surrounding the 9/11 attack in Benghazi? You have the ability to hear first-hand from whistle blowers on this any many other issues. Jimmy & JoAnne Moriarty were in Libya years prior and during the air strikes in 2011. After the war the Moriarty's have stayed in touch with the Tribal Leaders of Libya most of them part of the 2 million Libyans now in exile. They are the official spokespersons for the Tribes of Libya (all Libyans are members of tribes) and have passed sensitive Al Qaeda movement information to 4 intelligence agencies in the USA who have been in their home as their invited guests.

Rather than hide in the shadows as directed by US agencies these brave patriots have chosen to tell the American public the truth about our government’s involvement and the corruption that exists in our dealings with other countries. At great personal risk and complete financial destruction they have chosen to speak out. Here’s a little about them:

Jimmy & JoAnne spent years developing a lucrative business in the oil sector in Libya. They just concluded negotiations in February 2011 and signed contracts to begin their business in Libya when the Arab Spring hit that country.

In April of 2011 Jimmy & JoAnne are asked and accept to head a Fact Finding Commission to Tripoli, Libya. In May they traveled to Tunisia and then by bus to Tripoli. As the elected head of the Fact Finding Commission, they were witnesses to horrific sites where NATO bombs killed, maimed and wounded children; destroyed homes and entire cities; power plants, water supplies, embargoed civilians in Tripoli, used forbidden weapons of mass destruction. They personally interviewed victims of the Al Qaeda mercenaries brought to Libya by the US and NATO. Women were raped, people were beheaded, people were chopped up and burned and the list goes on. They are shocked and saddened by what they witnessed. The US government operatives and the criminal administration are the worst of the worst war-criminals.

The Moriarty's have been targeted by this government, they have been threatened and told to shut their mouths, instead they have gone public knowing that the good God fearing people of the USA need to know the truth about their government.

The Moriarty's stay in daily contact with the tribes of Libya and have been the people that have been getting intelligence documents and information about Al Qaeda and it's affiliate entities activities in Libya, Egypt and now Syria, to Dr Jerome Corsi so he can get the stories out through alternative media outlets like World Net Daily...


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