Rubio Continues Cabal Lies About the NATO Attack on Libya

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Marco Rubio, would be candidate for president of the USA, was asked at the GOP debate last Tuesday to discuss the US policy of illegal "regime change" and the great failure of the US polices in the Middle East and North Africa. These are policies that he and John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama used to destroy the sovereign nation of Libya, Mr. Rubio upon being elected to the Senate immediately became best buddies with the "Manchurian Candidate" John McCain. John McCain is the lead for the Cabal into any country that they are planning to destroy. When you see McCain show up you know that what will follow is a false flag revolution with so called rebels (hired mercenaries) in the streets and one of them will be shot by some hired snipers. This action will cause the immediate intervention of the UN and the call for the leader to step down. If the leader does not step down then more mercenaries (the proxy army of the Cabal) will arrive - well armed and trained and will begin the physical take over of the country, next will come the illegal bombing raids until the country is in complete failure at which time the Cabal (Zionists banksters) will set up a new government with their puppets. In every case, the country being attacked either has no Rothchild Bank, not part of the IMF or World Bank or has some other economic consequence (control of resources) that the Cabal could not blackmail or bribe the country into letting them control.

Understand this if you do not understand anything else - MARCO RUBIO IS PART OF THE CABAL

The words that came out of Rubio's mouth justifying his support of the illegal attack on Libya prove his alliance to the evil New World Order Cabal.

1. Rubio said the there was a revolution with "moderate" rebels in Libya - NEVER - this a complete and utter LIE. First of all there are no moderate rebels, in fact in Libya there were almost no so called rebels at all - less than 4% and that 4% was made up of radical Islamists. Most of them either living in exile because Libya did not allow radicals in their country. (imagine that). So, the US joined forces with men like Abdulhakem Belhaj, the founder of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and a leader of Al Qaeda. John McCain is one of Belhaj's best friends as reported many times on this website. The US then proceeded to bring in approximately 250,000 radical Islamic mercenaries to take over Libya illegally. Then after the no fly zone was enacted, NATO proceed to bomb Libya to the tune of over 60,000 sorties for the next 6 months destroying water supplies, power plants, homes, hospitals, schools, roads, etc, etc. Eventually installing their puppet government that proceeded to drive Libyans out of the country and steal everything that they could from every bank, business and civilian.

2. Rubio said the Ghadafi was going down either way? What in world was he speaking about? He must have let the Cabal plan slip out because the Libyan people by a majority of 85% loved Ghadafi. He took one of the poorest countries in Africa and turned it into the most developed country in Africa in 40 years, he gave his people back the land that was stolen from them by years of occupation by Italy. He gave free health care to all, free education, and the list goes on and on. Libya was the most progressive Muslim country in the world and supported every religion that had a book. The main point here is that Ghadafi was NOT the leader of Libya, he was required to step down by the treaty he signed with Condoleeza Rice in 2006. Libya had a democratically elected People's Congress and a Prime Minister. Ghadafi had become the "spiritual" leader of the country. His crime was starting the African Bank which would have had a gold backed currency. This would have put the toilet paper bankers out of business so he had to go.. Enter Marco Rubio and his buddies of the Cabal.

3. Rubio said that Libya and Ghadafi had blown up the plane at Lockerbie. This lie has been disproved so many times I am surprised the Cabal still floats it. Any thinking person can go on the internet and find out from top whistle blowers that the plane was blown up by the CIA to continue their criminal drug activities out of Afghanistan. The report implicating the rogue CIA agents was on that plane. Besides the fact that Ghadafi hated radicals and terrorists and was a great help to the US Department of Defense in finding and capturing many terrorists. The reason the Cabal got away with the lie is because Libya was a closed shop, they never defended themselves they did not feel the need, they knew the truth.

What Rubio cannot address is the fact that the US continues to supply and arm the terrorists in Libya via Turkey and Qatar. They took Libya to use as their own private training camp for their proxy army to invade Syria and any other country they deem necessary. I find it quite telling that the UN continues their weapons embargo against the Libyan army that is fighting ISIS, Al Qaeda, LIFG, Ansar Al Sharia, The Muslim Brotherhood and other militia terrorist groups. Many of the Islamic radical terrorists now in Libya are not even Libyans. Al Qaeda controlled the passport office right after the fall of Libya and was issuing Libyan passports to foreign mercenaries as fast as they came across the border. This was all part of the Cabal plan, Obama even admitted that Libya was a huge success?? What does that tell you? A huge success for whom? Certainly not the Libyans.

What the US and world needs more than anything is to be free of the criminal Cabal. The Libyan people deserve to have their country back and the Cabal deserves to be destroyed. Marco Rubio is not anyone that should ever be elected to any office anywhere, he has been bought and paid for..