Russia Supports the Great Libyan Tribes

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The Misurata militas are the most hated group in Libya. These militias residing in the city of Misurata in Libya are the criminals that joined hands with Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama to create the lies that started the false flag revolution that destroyed Libya. This group of terrorists (full of mercenaries) have changed their names a number of times, attempting to hide their criminal past and paint a new face to try and gain acceptance as leaders in Libya - they have failed miserably as all Libyans know these terrorists and have lived with their illegal acts for 6 years now. This group who originally named themselves "Libya Dawn", are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths by torture in their secret prisons where they still hold men, women and children to this day. They are the same group that used Sarin gas against the city of Bani Walid because this city would not capitulate to their criminal demands. They are the armed gangs that walk through the streets of Tripoli and Sirte, holding people at gun point, stealing and raping without conscience. They are the same group that destroyed the Tripoli International Airport. They are the same group that robbed all the banks in Libya to the tune of 600 million dollars and continue to do so to this day. The list of their crimes grows daily. The truth is they are slowing losing their hold on Libya because their benefactors (Clinton/Obama) are not in power any longer (they are still receiving support from Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia via Sudan and the Mitigia airport in Tripoli).

This brings up Misurata's latest dirty game in an attempt to maintain their waning presence in Libya. These criminals have renamed themselves again, their new name is "One Libya". The head of this group is named Abdelhamid Dabiba. This is the man that paid 70 million dollars to Al Arabia and Al Jazeera news agencies to LIE about Ghadafi and the so called "Libyan revolution" to support the illegal invasion and destruction of Libya. He is responsible for the exile of millions of Libyans, the deaths of thousands of others, the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars of Libyan money and assets. He is beyond a criminal psychopath, he is a butcher, a thief, a liar and a traitor to his own country. This man and his gang of despised crooks formed this "One Libya" and put out a press release to Russian journalists (and others) inviting the them to their conference of how to "fix" Libya.

The invitation is posted below...
"Dear colleagues!"
You are invited to attend the press conference of leaders of the movement of the Libyan "one libya", which will tell about the situation in the country and the prospects for the resolution of the crisis. It will be held in the media centre MIA "Russia today" on 18 April.

Press Conference
On 18 April 2017 13:00 glass room
Libya: how to get out of the crisis?
Multimedia Press Conference of leaders of the movement of the Libyan "one libya", bringing together representatives of the various segments of society from most of the regions of the country.

- the leader of the movement "one Libya" Abdelhamid Dabiba;
- President of the Libyan Academy of higher education Muhammad Eshtevi;
- the head of the irrigation project "the great man-made river" (Misurata) Mohammed Khalil Issie.

The movement of the "one Libya" established in Misurata - the third largest city in Libya, which is perhaps the only island of relative stability and increasing the center of political and economic power in the destroyed covered by state violence. The movement expresses the interests of the representatives of the business, the Libyan intellectuals, government officials, the peasants of the army and the environment.

"one Libya" offers a programme of a peaceful solution to the crisis through the immediate solution to the economic problems, the reconciliation of the warring parties and reconstruction of civil society. Special emphasis is placed on the fight against the current in Libya by terrorist groups and to combat illegal migration.
In Moscow, members of the delegation would consult in the ministry of foreign affairs of Russia, the state duma of the Russian Federation and the council of the Federation, where will discuss prospects of cooperation in solving the Libyan crisis."

Where to start? The lies and misrepresentations glaring in this release are enormous. Any Libyan person reading this will be screaming lie, lie, lie. Misurata is not anything like they describe it, it is not the center of anything in Libya except terrorism and trust me ALL Libyans know this. Why do you think these terrorists worship Hilary Clinton, they call her their sister. All other people reading the above invitation (having read my first paragraph), will understand the truth about Misurata (home of the Khazarian mafia in Libya). Now people can start to put the pieces together as to how the Zionist Bankers created "Arab Spring" and the false Libyan revolution. These Misurata criminals have no shame, they are the worst of humanity on this planet, they have no respect for men, women, children, animals or nature. They are evil personified.

The best part of this circus created by Misurata is the response from Russia. Oh, don't get me wrong, they had their meeting with the Russians and they put forward their so called proposal for them to run Libya. But never underestimate Mother Russia. Unlike the West, Russia does not follow the lies of the Zionists. Russia watches and listens to the Libyan people and the great tribes of Libya. Russia understands that Libya will only be at peace when the Libyan people /tribes are put back in control of their country. That means the Khazarian mafia / Zionists, CIA, MI5 and all EU countries get their noses, their military, their money, their mercenaries and their puppets out of Libya. And, with all perfect diplomacy, Mother Russia responded to this Misurata gang of thugs.

Below you will see Russia's response and a link to see in online.
"Press release on Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov’s meeting with a delegation from Misurata, Libya" - 783-19-04-2017

On April 18, Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa Mikhail Bogdanov had a meeting with a socio-political delegation from Misurata, a city in western Libya, chaired by the leader of the United Libya movement, Abdul Hameed Al Dabeeba. (Abdelhamid Dabiba)

The meeting was attended by members of Russia’s Federal Assembly (parliament) and concerned Russian agencies. The parties exchanged opinions on the situation in Libya, primarily the UN-led efforts to promote national reconciliation.

The Libyan guests expressed their gratitude to Russia for its balanced policy on the settlement in Libya aimed at bringing together the positions of various Libyan parties on key issues on the internal agenda.

The Russian officials pointed out the importance of promoting an inclusive intra-Libyan dialogue with the main political forces, tribes and regions towards creating national bodies of authority, including an army and police to maintain security, law and order and effectively fight terrorism. The Russian officials reaffirmed Moscow’s resolve to continue to work together with all Libyan parties to find mutually acceptable solutions to restore the country’s unity and facilitate sustainable development as a sovereign and independent state that will maintain traditional relations of friendship with Russia.

A beautiful response including dialogue with the tribes and all national bodies of authority in Libya. This is perfect because Libya is an ancient culture made up of many tribes and many tribal councils, with the general Secretariat being the main governing body, representing all tribes and therefore all Libyans. This was a huge slap in the face of the Misuratans because not one tribe supports them, this was the absolute worst response. In a nice way Russia told them that they were nothing and that Russia understood the dirty game being played by Misurata and the Zionists in Libya.

We send our great thanks to Mother Russia for her understanding and support of Libya; it is with help from countries like Russia who have true insight and respect for the great culture of the Libyan people that will bring peace and freedom again to Libya.