Saif al Islam FREE - Ministry of Justice Decision Libya

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Saif al Islam, the 2nd son of Moammer Ghadafi, has been freed by the Zintan Tribe that was holding him for the past 5 years. This comes as a result of a decision issued by the Ministry of Justice. I have posted a copy of the decision in Arabic below and the translation (by Google) is posted directly below in the the text.

I would like to state for the record that Saif al Islam is a good man and all the charges against him by the criminals that illegally invaded Libya are completely false and fabricated just like the false flag that started the illegal war against Libya. The real criminals are the Khazarian Zionists who use their evil puppets (Clinton, Obama, UN,, etc.) to perpetrate their control over this entire planet. Ghadafi had started the gold back Dinar currency for the continent of Africa to free it from the Khazarian Rothschild debt slavery. This move would have destroyed their world domination scheme by destroying their control with their phony paper currency. Instead they used their lying media and controlled corrupt UN and their proxy mercenary army (hired radical Islamists) to invade and destroy a peaceful country and kill hundreds of thousands of its people, illegally imprison thousands of others; steal all the wealth of the country and place its puppets in charge causing 2.5 million Libyans to live in exile while 1 million are homeless and the rest live in fear of the terrorists occupying their land. Libyans now struggle with no power, no water, no medicine and scarce food.

Saif is one of the few leaders left in Libya who can bring the country back together and pull it towards a bright future. The struggle will be to keep him safe from the terrorists who know the Libyan people love him and second to rid the country of the illegal occupation of the Zionist proxy army of terrorists so that the Libyan people can return their country to a safe and prosperous country for all.

"The Ministry of Justice issued a decision for the release of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi
In: June 28, 2016 in: News
Libya 24 / Exclusive
Libya obtained channel 24 exclusively on the decision of the Ministry of Justice ordered the release of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.
The decision was based on the release of the Amnesty Law No. 6 of 2015 issued by the legislative authority of the House of Representatives.
The resolution stated that after seeing the accused Saif al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi leaves and look at the general amnesty law and the aforementioned study Exceptions to the application of the law shows that these situations do not apply to the accused mentioned.
Thus, the Ministry of Justice has demanded the release of Saif al-Islam in order to effectuate the general amnesty law and respect for the rule of law.
The decision was directed to the President on behalf of Zintan and circulated to the Office of the Director of the Judicial Police and the commander of the battalion in charge of guarding the Abu Bakr Saif al-Islam. This was the defense of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the team called for dropping the prosecution of the International Criminal Court announced at the press conference, which was held in The Hague Monday that their client covered by the amnesty law"