Senator Richard H. Black Congratulates Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi on Winning the Referendum

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Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi, the second son of Moammar al Ghadafi, is the Libyan people"s choice for leader of Libya. I published the final results of a referendum in my previous article.

Virginia state Senator, Richard Black has sent his personal congratulations to Dr. Saif via the Great Tribes of Libya. Senator Black is a great humanitarian and a supporter of the Libyan people's right to choose their own leader.

I am posting his personal note below:

To: Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi December 19, 2018
From: Virginia Senator Richard H. Black

For eight years, Western powers tried to force Libyans to submit to rule by tyrants. Those puppets were corrupt terrorists. They robbed and murdered Libyans with the ongoing support of the West.

Libyans refuse to be dominated by colonial puppets - selected by foreigners.

This referendum vote conducted in Egypt, demonstrates that nearly all Libyans want Saif al Islam Ghadafi as their president.

Colonial powers should understand that immigrants will continue pouring into Europe until Libya has a popularly elected government that rescues Libya from despotism and chaos. For 40 years Libya was the effective buffer to provide jobs and assistance to Sub-Sahara and other parts of Africa, while nearly eliminating the flow of immigrants through Libya. The destruction of Libya opened the floodgate to this most threatening, non-war destruction of most European countries. What Moammar Ghadafi did to stop the migration from Africa to Europe was monumentally beneficial to Europe.

My heartiest congratulations to the next president of Libya — Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi!

Warm regards,
Senator Richard H. Black,
13th District, Virginia