Statement by the Alliance of the Libyan National Gatherings on the Moscow Meetings on the Libyan Conflict

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Statement by the Alliance of the Libyan National Gatherings on the Moscow Meetings on the Libyan Conflict

[Libya, 16 January 2020] – The Alliance of the Libyan National Gatherings, which includes a number of civil society organizations, national parties, human rights associations, writers, researchers, diplomats and academicians, has closely followed up the efforts recently exerted in Moscow to end the war and find a peaceful solution to the Libyan crisis.

While we welcome every sincere effort from neutral parties to contribute to help the Libyans stop the war and find a solution to their differences, we address our statement to the participants in the Berlin Conference on Libya, affirming the following:

(1) Turkey cannot be an honest and desirable mediator between Libyan rivals. It systematically violates Security Council resolutions pertaining to the arms embargo and curtails the efforts to combat terrorism in Libya. Turkey is completely aligned with the so-called Government of National Accord (GNA) which represents the political arm of the criminal and terrorist militias that control the capital. In order for the Libyans to believe Turkey, and to prove its goodwill, the Turkish government must publicly announce and commit to halting the delivery of weapons to the militias, and withdraw the Syrian mercenaries that it transported to Libya.

(2) The essence of the conflict is due to violence and lack of security, as well as the proliferation of armed militias. Those militias should be disarmed and disbanded according to a specific timetable.

(3) The Libyan National Army (LNA) led by its Commander-in-Chief, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, is the only guarantor of Libya’s unity, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the preservation of its capabilities. This was clearly manifested in the liberation of the oil terminals from the internationally sanctioned Ibrahim Al-Jadhran and his militia; the LNA secured all the oil fields and eliminated fuel-smuggling gangs, human trafficking and illegal immigration in the areas under its control. The international community has a duty to help the LNA recover its camps from the militias and deploy its forces throughout Libya and on its borders, in the service of security and peace in Libya and the region.

(4) The Libyan National Army (LNA), with limited resources and under the arms embargo, has managed to eliminate ISIS, Al Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia organizations in the cities of Benghazi and Derna and their strongholds in southern Libya, which are classified as terrorist organizations by international resolutions, led and coordinated by the Muslim Brotherhood which is classified as a terrorist organisation by the Libyan Parliament and a number of countries in the region. The time has come for the international community to stand with the LNA to eliminate the last pockets of these organizations in the city of Tripoli, especially after Turkey started to transfer thousands of Syrian terrorist elements to Libya.

(5) A political solution cannot be reached and implemented in the presence of criminal and terrorist militias. Likewise, the Libyans cannot enjoy security and exercise their constitutional rights, neither by election nor by candidacy, given the militias’ control of, and hegemony over, state institutions.

(6) The Libyan National Army (LNA) forces, by virtue of their national duty, cannot fail the Libyan people and withdraw from the locations they reached in Tripoli before achieving their declared goals, through peace or war.

By and large, the Alliance of the Libyan National Gatherings hopes that this message will reach all the stakeholders concerned with the Libyan file who are exerting tireless and appreciated efforts to assist in putting an end to the Libyan crisis.

Kindly accept our utmost respect and appreciation

Issued on 16 January 2020

1. Dr. Abdul Salam Mohammed Al-Badri Deputy Prime Minister of the Interim Government
2. Abdulhadi Lahweej Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Libyan Interim Government
3. Ali Faraj Al-Gatrani Vice President of the Presidential Council (Resigned)
4. Talal Abdullah Al-Mihoub Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Defense and National Security Committee at the Libyan House of Representatives
5. Youssef Ibrahim Al-Agouri Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Libyan House of Representatives
6. Dr. Ali Omar Takbali MP- Libyan House of Representatives
7. Saltana Masoud Al-Mismari MP- Libyan House of Representatives
8. Ali Al-Saidi Al-Qaidi MP- Libyan House of Representatives
9. Ahmid Huma Al-Zaidani MP- Libyan House of Representatives
10. Al-Salheen Abdul Nabi Mohammed MP- Libyan House of Representatives
11. Saeed Mugheeb Al-Zwi MP- Libyan House of Representatives
12. Salah Al-Sahbi MP- Libyan House of Representatives
13. Dr. Misbah Al-Badawi MP- Libyan House of Representatives
14. Younes Omar Fanoush MP- Libyan House of Representatives
15. Nad Najah Al-Biba MP- Libyan House of Representatives
16. Dr.. Abdel Moneim Hussein El-Yassir MP – ex General National Congress, Chairman of the National Security Committee
17. Ali Al-Rifai Zoubi MP – ex General National Congress, Chairman of the Energy Committee
18. Hajar Mohammed Al-Qayed MP – ex General National Congress
19. Abdul Hafeedh Al-Dayikh MP – ex General National Congress
20. Mohammed Ibrahim Machi MP – ex General National Congress
21. Muhammed Younis Al-Toumi MP – ex General National Congress
22. Dr.. Abdul Sadiq Swaideg MP – ex General National Congress
23. Abdul Karim Al-Jayash MP – ex General National Congress
24. Salem Mohammed Bou Jannat MP – ex General National Congress
25. Abdel Moneim Al-Wahaishi MP – ex General National Congress
26. Asmaa Sariba MP – ex General National Congress
27. Dr. Najah Salouh MP – ex General National Congress
28. Abdel-Aal Anwar Al-Dresy MP – ex General National Congress and former Ambassador
29. Maryam Al-Shaeri Member of Constitution Drafting Assembly
30. Dr. Al-Mukhtar Aljaddal Member of the former National Transitional Council
31. Dr.. Ashour Shawayel Former Minister of Interior
32. Dr. Faraj Al-Sayeh Former Minister
33. Mohammed Al-Hadi Al-Dayeri Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
34. Khaled Abdul Hamid Najm Former Information Minister
35. Dr. Naji Jumaa Barakat Health Minister at the former Executive Office
36. Abdul Kabir Al-Fakhiri Former Minister of Education
37. Dr. Farida Belgasem Al-Allaqi Ex-Chargé d’Affairs at the European Union
38. Dr. Aref Ali Nayed Former Ambassador
39. Abdullah Al-Zubaidi Former Ambassador
40. Mahmoud Al-Busaifi Former Secretary of the Press Authority
41. Abu Bakr Muhammad Ermaila Former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance
42. Rami Saeed Kamal Diplomat
43. Dr. Faraj Najm Director of the Peace Centre for Research and Studies
44. Dr. Mohamed Saad Embarak Chairman of the Civil Democratic Bloc Conference, and Chancellor of the Medical University
45. Najiba Ghaith Estaita Chairwoman of the Civil Democratic Bloc Conference
46. Abdul Ghani Hassan Al-Oraibi Diplomat
47. Atef Miloud Al-Hassia Member of Civil Democratic Bloc
48. Awad Ali Es-haim Member of Civil Democratic Bloc
49. Omar Fadhil Nashaad Member of Civil Democratic Bloc
50. Sabreen Ali Al-Fetoury Member of Civil Democratic Bloc
51. Saleh Karkara Al-Ferjany Member of Civil Democratic Bloc
52. Rafallah Abdul Ghani Al-Seaity Member of Civil Democratic Bloc
53. Salem Al-Salheen Al-Fetoury Member of Civil Democratic Bloc
54. Ibrahim Salem Al-Magharabi Member of Civil Democratic Bloc
55. Awad Hussein Al-Fasouni Member of Civil Democratic Bloc
56. Othman Hassan Al-Beshary Member of Civil Democratic Bloc
57. Elham Omar Dabdoub Member of Civil Democratic Bloc
58. Asmaa Yahia Soleiman Member of Civil Democratic Bloc
59. Alaa OmarAl-Gematy Member of Civil Democratic Bloc
60. Saleh Mohamed Islayyem Al-Majbari Member of Civil Democratic Bloc
61. Hussein Mohammed al-Sharif Advisor to the Anti-Corruption Commission
62. Mahmoud Abdullah Al-Ghanoudy Head of the Libyan Bureau for the Arab People’s Congress
63. Fawzi Mohammed Al-Ghanai University Faculty Member
64. Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Deira University Faculty Member
65. Dr. Ali Saeed Al-Barghathi Professor at the Department of Political Science, member of the Civil Democratic Bloc
66. Dr. Abeer Ibrahim Emnaina Professor at the Department of Economics and Political Science
67. Omm El-Ezz Al-Farsi University Faculty Member
68. Mohammed Mabrouk Bougaigis Retired Honorary Professor
69. Dr. Salma Boukouta Academic
70. Mohamed Zidan Academic
71. Baher El-Oukaly Academic
72. Essa Abdul Qayum Journalist
73. Ali Muhammad Al-Raqeei Journalist
74. Mervat Mohamed Douma Journalist
75. Mohameed Boubakr Al-Maadani Journalist
76. Salma El Shaab Tripoli Press Syndicate Secretary
77. Amal Ibrahim Jalloul Human rights activist
78. Laila Abu Saif Yassin Human rights activist
79. Sarraj-ul-Din Al-Tawerghi Human rights activist
80. Khadija Mahmoud Al-Amami Human rights activist
81. Zakia Yousef Al-Awami Political and human rights activist
82. Dr. Muhammad Al-Raj Political and social activist
83. Amal Bougaigis Lawyer
84. Nedaa Nabil Al Shaeri Lawyer
85. Muraja Aqila The Prosecutor’s Office
86. Seraj Bougaigis Director of Financial Affairs in Oil Affairs, retired
87. Nasser Ahdash Consulting Engineer
88. Abdul Karim Al Senussi Tafour Engineer
89. Khaled Khalifa Al-Barasi Social Worker Supervisor
90. Abdul Rahim Al-Jinan Senior Advisor to the Libyan Audit Office
91. Tamim Rajab Asman Administrative consultant
92. Rashid Basikri Business Manager
93. Mohamed Mokhtar Ghanay Media director
94. Shuaib Al-Aqili Computer science teacher
95. Nidal Al Hariri TV director
96. Nabil Abdullah Al Shaeri Chief Engineer
97. Faraj Al-Asha Writer
98. Fairuz Al-Madani Legal officer
99. Hammouda Al-Abediyeh Retired commercial pilot
100. Ali Abu Qurain Doctor
101. Dr. Faisal Salem Bounkheila Doctor
102. Mahmoud Mohamed Al-Mufti Businessman
103. Qais Al-Abediyeh Businessman
104. Najeeb Abdullah Al-Shaeri Project Manager
105. Amira Masoud Human rights activist
106. Hassan Khalil Shallouf Chief Executive Officer
107. Khaled Yassin Abu Saif Board member and expert in investment and economics
108. Fathalla Awhida Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
109. Kamal Saleh Al-Ayesh Pilot, Aviation Police, Benghazi
110. Meftah Abdel Hafeez Al-Nayhoum Photographer, Aviation Police, Benghazi
111. Ali Mohammed Al-Shammakh Air Traffic Controller
112. Ayesha Ahmed bin Saoud Engineer
113. Ahmed Saleh Al-Mayar
114. Serajeldin al-Faqih
115. Saad Muhammad Hashem
116. Abdul Salam Felfel
117. Fatima Mahmoud
118. Faisal Aburayqa
119. Nuri Shadi
120. Ali Jumaa Al-Jali
121. Hassan Oweidat
122. Jalal Al-Aswad
123. Mansour Jumaa al-Aqil
124. Mohammed Rajab Al-Masaee
125. Fathi Falaq
126. Al-Sharif Meftah Al-Jaidi
127. Al-Araby Al-Wirfalli
128. Al-Mabrouk Sultan
129. Entisar Dhay Al-Maghour
130. Thuraya Al-Tuaibi
131. Jebreel Saad Al-Obaidi
132. Hassan Belkheir
133. Khalid Edarnaba
134. Khalifa Rajab Al-Waer
135. Rania Al-Hariri
136. Salem Al-Talhi
137. Suleiman Al-Bouzaidi
138. Tareq Al-Kish
139. Tareq Swaidiq
140. Abdel Fattah Al-Barbar
141. Dr. Abdullah Anbeya Athamnah
142. Abdel Moneim Ali Belaid
143. Abdullah Al-Rabou
144. Othman Al-Hadhiri
145. Ali Abu Qurain
146. Farida Mohammed Al-Zlitni
147. Fawzi Al-Mezoughi
148. Fawzi Mohammed Al-Ghannai
149. Labib Al-Ramly
150. Mohammed Al-Madani Al-Hudhairi
151. Mohammed Salem Embark
152. Maraai Aguila Shwerbat
153. Meftah Al-Giloushy
154. Mohammed Al-Ferjani
155. Mohammed Ramadan Al-Toumi
156. Mansour Mohammed Zaglam
157. Ali Mustafa Al-Sharif
158. Omar Mohammed Rajab
159. Al-Mahdi Saleh
160. Imran Bou Khattabiya
161. Abdullah Bouchnaf
162. Buthaina Al-Oraibi
163. Mustafa Abu Seif
164. Haitham bin Lama
165. Hassan Abdul-Razzaq Al-Gharyani
166. Mervat Doma
167. Abdul Basit Abdul Razzaq Dakhil
168. Adel Mahjoub
169. Miloud Ali Al-Meraash
170. Mustapha Bairy
171. Abdul Muttalib Gaith Shaaban
172. Omar Salem Al-Sallahi
173. Tawfiq Hussein Shaaban
174. Faraj Khalifa Dhaw
175. Dr. Essa Hakim
176. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Aboud
177. Saeed Awad Rashwan
178. Mustafa Mohammed Ali Mustafa
179. Nouri Al-Raei
180. Essam Abdel Mawla Langhi
181. Salah Bashir Al-Mughairbi
182. Ramzi Rajab Agha
183. Jebreel Idris Ouhaida
184. Saad Aguila Al-Obaidi
185. Nasser Abdul Hamid Najm
186. Dr. Adel Al-Sayed Fakireen
187. Mohammed Hassan Al-Warshafani
188. Mohamed El-Taher Youssef
189. Younis Al-Ghazal Jannat
190. Dr. Abdul Majeed Ahmed Al-Aqili
191. M. Faraj Khalifa Saleh Al-Rabhi
192. Adnan Ali Al-Rubaie
193. Mohammed Miftah Al-Hamail
194. Abu Bakr Al-Bilbali
195. Nemer Saleh Abdullah
196. Ezzeldin Aqeel
197. Abdul Qadir Al-Malti
198. Najmi Al-Toumi
199. Fayez Hamza
200. Salah Mahmoud Al-Khafifi
201. Ayman Mohamed Saad
202. Abdel-Moneim Mohamed Abdel-Hakim
203. Sufian El-Senoussi Al-Wizri
204. Hatem Mohamed Al-Darouki
205. Abdel Moneim Faraj Gharib
206. Sami Mohamed Ezz El-Din
207. Abdul Moez Ahmed Hussein
208. Abdul Karim Mastoor Al-Awami
209. Faraj Ayyad Abdullah
210. Ahmed Abdullah Suleiman
211. Wehbe Mohamed Ezzeddine
212. Awad Shallouf

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