The Supreme Council of the Libyan Tribes and Cities URGENT STATEMENT

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The Supreme Council of the Libyan Tribes and Cities has passed to me a formal statement issued to all foreign governments and mercenaries attempting to interfere in the sovereignty of Libya. Let it be known that any person speaking for or about the government or people of Libya unless they refer to and acknowledge the Great Tribes of Libya as the Libyan people and their spokespersons, have no authority to speak for Libya or the Libyan people. Foreign governments who recognize puppet governments and self appointed militias as having any authority in Libyan affairs have no understanding of Libya or her people as all Libyans are members of tribes. Leaders in Libya that were not elected by the Libyan people are not supported or recognized by the Libyan people. Therefore, let it be known to the world that any person or persons speaking about Libya that does not refer to the Libyan people via the Great Tribes of Libya is speaking on behalf of and in support of the Khazarian Zionist New World Order that would keep their puppets and mercenaries illegally controlling and stealing from the sovereign country of Libya.

The statement was passed to me in Arabic which you can see on their letterhead posted below the English translation:


In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful And prayer and peace be upon Prophet Mohammad and his family and his companions and after.

The Supreme Council of the tribes and Libyan cities is following with grave concern the statements of Italian officials, which was the last remarks of The Ambassador, which is blatant interference in the Internal Affairs of an independent state and a member
of the UN. Proving that the UN is no longer an organization that nurtures peace as much as it is an organization is to create fear and conflict and division of the state.

The statements of the Italian ambassador and his frequent visits from one district to another is considered intervention that is not acceptable by all Libyans and expresses the spirit of the fascist colonialism rejected by the Libyan people who are rejecting
these actions and statements. We urge the Government of Italy to assume its responsibilities both legally and ethically to restrain such behavior and statements, and to bare the blame of the results of the work and the statements of its ambassador in Libya.
Tthe sons of the Libyan people have no more patience for the actions of ambassadors and delegates from some other countries. We know that Libya is not the fourth beach of Rome as this idiot is dreaming, and that the sons of the Libyan people are ready to
face any interference from the Italian or any other nation on the Libyan soil. We will repeat the Jihad of our fathers and grandfathers if it's time for it, as we demand the sons of the capital Tripoli for the immediate expulsion of the Italian ambassador
from Tripoli.

Also we warn the traitors who are selling in the context of State and tell them that the Government of Italy or others will not be able to protect them from the anger of the Libyan people.

And we know that we stand behind our army heroes and protector of the land, and our security departments all called to protect homeland and the citizens, and in conclusion Supreme Council of the tribes and Libyan cities
emphasizes the the following:

1. The Conference reaffirms the decision of the conferences of the tribes held in 2011 and 2014 and 2015 and 2016 in Tripoli and Azizia, and a Salooq and Benghazi, and the Green Mountain.

2. Never seek foreign help to address any problem of Libya, and emphasizes the dialogue to be only between Libyans.

3. The unity and sovereignty of Libya is a red line and not the subject of controversy or discussion, Libya is for all Libyans and every Libyan.

4. We have the sovereign right to be in charge of the state, official institutions, the armed forces, security services and the judiciary.

5 – The elimination of all militias and groups of radical Islam and forbid all actions which aim to destabilize the country and increases the crisis.

6 - Support the elections on schedule.

7. The dismissal of the (so called ) Presidential Council headed by Fayez al-Sarraj.

8 -The dismissal of the (so called) State Council under the chairmanship of Khalid Almashry.

9 - Provide confidence and trust for the (legitimately elected) House of Representatives (Tobruk) to continue its work to date to hold the elections on time
10. The conference calls upon all national forces of the lawyers and judges and interested parties to bring forward legal charges against Qatar, Turkey and Sudan because of their support for terrorist groups and armed militias that have infected our country.