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Pentagon Whistle Blower - Clinton Armed Al Qaeda to Kill Ghadafi Refused to Negotiate Peace

PROOF(audio tapes and documents) of Hillary Clinton's illegal arming of her Al Qaeda mercenaries to invade and kill Ghadafi. She refused to negotiate peace and bombed the country into oblivian, leaving it in ruin by her war crimes with over one million dead, millions in exile and thousands tortured to death, a failed state run by her terrorist militias.

VALIDATED Hillary Clinton Running Weapons into Libya via Qatar VIDEO

Since the summer of 2011, when we were in Tripoli, Libya we have been saying that the US was supplying weapons (ILLEGALLY) to the Al Qaeda Libyan rebels and all the Al Qaeda mercenaries brought into Libya by the US, France, NATO, UK and other western imperialist nations. We knew that Qatar was puppet for the west bringing in weapons, mercenaries and their own soldiers. We know that it was snipers from Qatar that shot the people in the streets in Benghazi that started the media frenzy to blow up Libya.

Islamic Extremists On the Run OUT of Libya

The news is beginning to be positive for the Libyan people, the army is defeating the radicals and mercenaries with the help of the tribes and the surrounding countries. Consequently, you see these murdering criminals trying to escape. A group of them left tonight out of Mitiga airbase in Tripoli because the main airport was blown up by them. The Libyan people and the tribes and the army are all working together and positive results are beginning to show.

This just in from the Libyan tribes:

Al Qaeda Criminal Abdulhakim Belhaj Raises His Ugly Head and Claims He is the Savior of Libya

Leave it to CNN to give a voice to one of the most notorious Al Qaeda leaders in the world, Abdulhakim Belhaj.

Belhaj was attempting to tell the world that he will be Libya's savior. This man has to either be living in an alternate universe or he is completely disillusional. If there is a "most hated" person list in Libya, Belhaj would have to be at the top.

Unknown Bombers Help Legitimate Libyan People/Tribes Destroy Terrorist Militias

As I write this update it is 9:23PM Central time USA. I was just informed that bombing has again started in Tripoli. The bombing is being done by an unknown source. The bombs are being targeted against the Misurata militias (criminals all, Islamic Extremists and psychopaths). Early this morning the bombs were again being dropped in the city of Misurata hitting the weapons stores of the criminal Misurata psychopaths. (see photo below) They were also targeting the Misurata criminals in Tripoli where they attempt to control the city at police stations and city offices.

BREAKING Libyan Tribes Report Bombings Executed Against Extremist Militias

Update Libya - Tribes of Libya report that many bombing raids were executed against the rubbish Misurata militias and other extremist gangs in Libya. The raids were executed starting yesterday and continue today. They are striking weapons depots, armed vehicles, training camps and many other sites. The source of these bombings is not yet confirmed. But God Bless them whomever they are..

The Truth Comes Out About the Libyan War and Benghazi 2012

This video documentary just released interviews US intelligence agents, US military personnel and others who confirm EVERYTHING that we have been saying about the illegal war against Libya. It was Obama who illegally continued the war in Libya in 2011 while arming and funding Al Qaeda rebels and mercenaries. The state of Libya is the shame of the west and was intentional.


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