The REAL Revolution Begins

Today (a very important day) all over the Eastern part of Libya the REAL revolution of the people of Libya began. The people of Libya have had it with the rubbish RAT traitors that joined hands with NATO to destroy their country. They have had it with the puppet government installed by the US that continues to rape their country.

BREAKING January 13, 2014 Moriarty's with Libyan Eye Witness/Benghazi on The Power Hour

BREAKING - Listen to The PowerHour on Monday the 13th of January at 8am Central time as Joyce Riley and the Moriartys host a Libyan EYE WITNESS to the attack on the Benghazi compound and killing of Chris Steven. listen online at Genesis Communications Network - see links below

Listen live on your computer at:

Another Benghazi Coverup - US Teacher Really CIA

BREAKING NEWS: The American shot in Benghazi today Ronald Thomas Smith II was not a teacher. First of all Libya has no foreign teachers – this is confirmed by our experience and by our tribal leaders. The first part of this week – Tues and Wednesday John McCain was in Tripoli. This man Ronald Smith was in Tripoli meeting John McCain and he was observed at these meetings by a group of x-rebels mixed with Islamic extremists called “Council of Libyan Rebels”.

Benghazi Declares STATE of EMERGENCY- Al Qaeda Attacks People of Benghazi

NEWS FLASH - STATE of EMERGENCY DECLARED in BENGHAZI. The people of Benghazi formed a peaceful demonstration in front of the Tibesti Hotel today and they were fired upon by Al Qaeda groups mainly Ansar Al Sharia. But then all of these groups are the same, it does not matter the name, all of them psychopathic killlers. They change their names to confuse the west.

It All Makes Sense Now -- 4-Star Admiral: Obama A Benghazi Co-Conspirator..

This article in Red Flag News, confirms what we know about Benghazi. Because Morsi (past Pres of Egypt) a Muslim Brotherhood member and head of Ansar Al Sharia (both radical Islamist groups) was the funder and planner of the attack and a close friend of Obama, this now all begins to fit together. Clinton and Obama were both co-conspirators because as Secretary of State she is the person responsible to call for the protection of her Embassy's.

Tunisian Security Capture Ansar Al Sharia Extremist Involved in Benghazi Attack

This Video is a press Conference held in Tunisia today by the Tunisian Security leaders. Tunisian security today caught a man coming into Tunisia from Turkey, they know this man is a member of Ansar Al Sharia, the Egyptian extremist group involved in the attack and killing of Chris Stevens in Benghazi. The Tunisian Security know this man, he is Tunisian and they know he was involved in the killing of the US Ambassador in Benghazi in September of 2012.

Arab video shows slain U.S. ambassador in morgue

NEW YORK – A 19-second video obtained by WND from Libyan expatriates apparently shows the body of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in a morgue in Benghazi after the Sept. 11 attack in which he and three other Americans were killed.

The video comes in the wake of a report by an independent review panel that concluded systematic management and leadership failures at the State Department led to “grossly” inadequate security at the mission in Benghazi.


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