ISIS Hits Libyan Oil Field


ISIS, the radical Islamic group now terrorizing the Middle East has made it presence known in Libya. Night before last, February 3, 2015, the Al Mabruk Oil field some 60 miles south of Sirte was attacked from 3 directions by approximately 200 vehicles of heavily armed ISIS mercenaries. During the attack approximately 12 people were killed, one of them was a Frenchman, there is being reported a number of hostages but that is still waiting confirmation.

ISIS Terrorists Attack the Corinthia Hotel Tripoli

The criminal terrorist group, ISIS has attacked the 6 star Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, Libya today, January 27th, 2015. The attack was started by a car bomb and followed up with snipers.

Two of the criminal terrorists were identified, both of them foreign mercenaries. One Abu Solomon from the Sudan and the other Abu Ibrahim from Tunisia, their photos are posted below. Understand that these mercenaries are being funded to come into Libya illegally, they are given arms and training by none other than the US CIA.

Tuesday Market Destroyed by ISIS in Tripoli

Yesterday, January 19th, 2015, ISIS burned the biggest central market (mall) in Tripoli. This market, which I have been to many many times was a four story market known locally as the
"Tuesday Market"- The Souk Tuesday.

ISIS proudly claimed responsibility for the destruction of the biggest and best market in Tripoli.

Their reason - "Men and Women shop together at this market and according to these fanatics that is forbidden". A MADE-UP rule by radical psychopaths to destroy life where ever people are free and happy.

Turkey Providing Medical Care and Protection for Known Terrorists and ISIS

Turkey, one of the leading supporters of radical Islam is harboring 2 well know radical Islamists, Wessam Bin Hameed and Ismael Salabi. Both of these terrorists are tied with the Ansar Al Sharia terrorist group that attacked and killed the US Ambassador Chris Stevens. Both of them are known to have been involved in the attack.

Islamic Extremists On the Run OUT of Libya

The news is beginning to be positive for the Libyan people, the army is defeating the radicals and mercenaries with the help of the tribes and the surrounding countries. Consequently, you see these murdering criminals trying to escape. A group of them left tonight out of Mitiga airbase in Tripoli because the main airport was blown up by them. The Libyan people and the tribes and the army are all working together and positive results are beginning to show.

This just in from the Libyan tribes:


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